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NoiseBar serves drinks, food and other sustenance at Noisebridge parties and accepts donations.

Setup Ingredients[edit]

  • Donations Box: A suitable donation box.
  • NoiseBar Menu / Donation Sign: A sign indicating what we can make and suggested donations.
  • Drink ingredients: Various liquids. What do we need to have stocked before each party?
  • Snacks: Snacks.
    • Chips & Salsa: User:Pyconaut has a great salsa recipe and likes to organize this.

NoiseBar To-do-ocracy Tasks[edit]

  • PROPOSAL: BarBot has been a popular draw at the NoiseBar in past fundraisers. It needs maintenance.
  • PROPOSAL: Get NoiseBar setup organized as a box or locker of stuff to be ready to use at events. -User:Lxpk

Proposals to improve Noisebridge. Edit