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NoiseCanvas is a modular art wall for the patio where people can do murals and graffiti. Filled in canvas panels will go up on the walls and fresh ones placed over them.

Construction[edit | edit source]

NoiseCanvas is planned to be made with multiple plywood panels that can easily fit in a car for regular refill shopping.

Placement[edit | edit source]

NoiseCanvas' panels in progress will be hung outside next to our Front door in the patio. Completed panels will hang on the fence and inside once we run out of fence space.

Street art that respects our neighbors[edit | edit source]

NoiseCanvas exists to cultivate street art without attracting vandalism to our neighbors' walls. Tagging and vandalism done to our neighbors during some of our live music shows forced us to halt the otherwise excellent events. Each resident is required to remove graffiti by law or they get fined by the city, so this hurts artists and small businesses trying to survive in an expensive city.

We have a responsibility to inform our attendees that street art needs to be directed to our NoiseCanvas where people can appreciate it and not on our neighbors which prevents us from doing more events. Some tags may have nothing to do with Noisebridge events, but we may still get blamed, so we ask that you refrain from tagging our neighbors and put your art up on the NoiseCanvas for all to admire.

Paint[edit | edit source]

We have a paint locker and if you'd like to do art on NoiseCanvas you can request access to use the paints for that. \

Please put the paint back when you are done!