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NoiseCurtain is a sound barrier project to insulate the woodshop machinery from the hackitorium for better meetings/classes/events.


Stage Curtain to look nice[edit]

Sound dampening / moving blankets to absorb noise[edit]

Air Curtains for the front doors[edit]

Noise Considerations[edit]

  • 72" has 2 Speeds at Lo/Off/Hi switch- high speed at 1878 CFM, 55dB low speed at 1482 CFM, 52dB. A HI/LO/OFF switch to select High/Low speed. 110V-120V 60Hz. 600W(0.8HP, 6.25A), less power


Right behind Flaschentaschen before lokers.

Ceilinbg light hooks need to be adjusted towards hackitorium a couple feet to accomodate.