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Noisebridge Extraction and Brewing[edit]

Available (or soon to be available) Setups[edit]

Note: All equipment is made from lab grade borosilicate glass

Noise Tower "Little John"[edit]

  • 3L 5 neck round bottom flask (24/40 joints and 29/42 joints)
  • 3L heating mantle
  • Variac for heating mantle control
  • Vacuum jacketed distilling column w/ ~0.4" internal diameter
  • Beryl saddle packing for distilling column
  • "Thumper" to fit 0.5" glass joints
  • 0.5" distilling head with ball valve reflux control
  • 0.5" high efficiency condenser
  • 0.5" distillation receiver and connecting glass

Noise Tower "Friar Tuck"[edit]

  • 22L 5 neck round bottom flask (29/42 joints and 45/50 joints)
  • 22L heating mantle
  • 1 Variac for heating mantle control
    • A second Variac is needed!
  • 6 stage 1" inner diameter plate distillation column (no packing needed)
  • 1" inner diameter distilling adapter with needle valve reflux control
  • 1" inner diameter coil condenser
  • No receiver is available for this size, but the distilling adapter ends in a 0.75" compression fitting, so something could be fashioned if needed
  • No thumper is available for this size

Purification / Aging Equipment[edit]

  • 6L capacity glass frit filters (used to support a packed carbon bed)
  • 500mL capacity glass frit filters
  • 2x 19L glass carboys for storage/cleanup w/ rubber plugs
  • No activated carbon is available in the space
  • Filtering through the glass frits without using vacuum takes forever...we should probably devise a better solution
    • Potential better idea: construct a column out of pvc pipe with a hose barb at the bottom. Carbon granules must be big enough to do this though
  • Some means to stir the contents of the carboys for aging would be awesome

Condenser Loop Equipment[edit]

  • We need to buy an aquarium pump and enough adapters to allow 1/4" ID flexible tubing to attach to the pump

Test and Monitoring Equipment[edit]

  • 6x hydrometers for rating specific gravities from 0.8 - 0.95 in 0.001 increments
  • 2x K type thermocouples w/ glassware adapters.
  • 2 channel battery operated thermocouple display
  • We need a glass sample cylinder

Brewing Equipment[edit]

  • 2x 19L glass carboys for w/ rubber plugs
  • No Turbo-yeast is available in the space
  • No Airlocks available
  • No temperature control equipment is available in the space. This could become a problem when we try to make large batches, but maybe it won't
  • Currently, mouth siphoning is the only way to move liquid from vessel to vessel - this is a sterility concern for brewing

Safety Equipment[edit]

  • Silicone mat for "Little John" tower
  • A heat proof platform needs to be made for the "Friar Tuck" tower to prevent accidentally burning the floor
  • We needz a dedicated fire entinguisher for the setup - it can be a tiny one, but it should be rated for electrical fires