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Noisebooth is our physical presence at external events like Maker Faire and Sunday Streets.

We plan each booth slightly differently to fit the event requirements and physical location layout, but we re-use a lot of the same infrastructure from event to event. Noisebooth is comprised of 3 fundamental building blocks, as well as some basic infrastructure. These blocks are Hackstations, Project Displays, and Live Performances

Noisebooth Basic Infrastructure Checklist[edit]

  • 10x10 canopy shade structures (and weights)
  • Folding tables
  • Materials to give out-- the linked page needs to be updated
  • chairs
  • water cooler
  • gas generator or batteries

Historical Hackstations[edit]

circuit hacking hackstation[edit]

the circuit hacking hackstation is comprised of multiple soldering stations and a few extremely basic electronics kits. TJ has lead this in the past

button making hackstation[edit]

I dont know what exactly this is, but Emelien did it at sunday streets valencia 2022 and it was super successful

spinny paint machine[edit]

Elan made a spinny paint machine and showed strangers how to use it at sunday streets valencia 2022

Historical Project Displays[edit]

Maker Faire[edit]

Noisebridge's Maker Faire booths won Editor's Choice awards almost every year for our various art exhibition projects.

For major events like this we often transported Flaschentaschen.

Sunday Streets[edit]


Noisebridge booth form Sunday Streets 2018