Noisedroid/Meetings/Notes/2009 04 18

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Wants tethering in settings. Wants terminal app and python Wants to have an open community around the real project. Wants to have full phone usability w/o having a Google Account on the phone.

 Funambol Sync Server for syncml exists says Asheesh.

Wants python/jython on the phone. Wants to ship a plugin that nicely integrates tethering. Who are we to target? Providers v want-to-root-the-phone v Consumers?

Chatter about how carriers suck.

Tons of confusion about the distinction between Google and Android.

We should sync after meeting about individual projects -- I think that is what the project is about.

 Run with a funambol server today/soon/whenever?
 Asheesh will help for this.

Rooting process in short:

 Downgrade to rc29 with a block-by-block write
 Install image with your own system signature.
 TODO: Noisedroid system certificate signing process with "open" intents
   instead of system signature permission intents.

Wants open source market app? has reverse engineerd the market protocol.
 Use apt standard for distributed app repositories and channels.
 Meta-market - web app to download apps.

Where is a rooting how to?