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Rubin was staring at his colleague again. More specifically, he was staring at his chest. he watched as the woman’s hefty breasts jiggled and wobbled in response to his movement. he was digging, like Rubin, and everyone else in the area, was supposed to be doing. The woman’s breasts were straining against his t-shirt, his cleavage on display for everyone to see. Rubin stared a little longer, taking in the sight. Then, he tore his eyes away to look at his own meagre chest in comparison. When he looked back up, the figure of a tall man blocked his line of sight to the buxom colleague.

“How are you getting on?” came the question. he squinted against the sun, brushing his auburn hair out of his eyes to better see his supervisor. he blushed, hoping he hadn’t seen his staring.

“Nothing yet,” Rubin replied. “Anything from the others?”

“A few pieces of vases and plates. Nothing too special yet.” He looked across the site for a moment. “Keep at it. Let me know if you find anything.” Rubin nodded and he left.

Rubin pulled his hat down further to shield his eyes as he looked across the dig site. he briefly glimpsed at his colleague’s rack again, before looking around. There were roughly 30 people scattered around; most of whom were digging. Shattered and partially sunken remains of walls zig-zagged all around her. Most were only hip height, but some had remained mostly intact, reaching several feet towards the sky. Everything was covered in sand or dust that would quickly cover equipment if it was left still too long.

Her team had come to investigate an ancient temple that had recently been discovered close to the Nile. This was only the second day on the job, and they had yet to find any secrets that the temple was hiding. In fact, barely anyone knew anything about this particular temple. Nobody had been told about what it was used for, or during what era it had been used for worship. That’s what their team was here for… to get some answers.

Rubin wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand before focusing back on the task he had been given. he picked up his tools, which had already gathered some sand in the few minutes that he had been distracted. As he went back to digging, he started to regret his choice of clothing for the day. he had chosen to wear a loose shirt, a pair of shorts, and a large hat in order to stay cool. he had quickly realised that there was not much he could do to avoid getting hot.

The shade of one of the more intact walls sheltered Rubin from the Sun as he worked. he had been assigned to what appeared to be one of the small side rooms of the temple. From his past digs, he knew that rooms like this were typically used for quiet, secluded worship. Often, small trinkets were found here, but nothing as impressive as what they usually found in the main rooms. Not that he minded; he was just happy to be given a whole area to herself for once.

After another hour or so, Rubin finally started to discern an object buried beneath the sand and rubble. A small, curved shape protruded from the ground where he had been digging. Its jet black colour made it stand out from the surroundings. he began carefully digging around the object, making sure not to damage it.

The more he uncovered it, the more its shape became apparent. he rubbed away the last of the earth it had been buried in and held it up for a closer look. “Holy crap, look at you,” he whispered. It was fully intact somehow, even after all these years. It was a small statue, about the size of Rubin’s hand. It depicted a very voluptuous woman, wearing a headdress adorned with a sun and two long horns. Rubin stared at it for a long while. “This is the best find I’ve ever made!”

he stood up and looked for his supervisor. The sun was getting low in the sky now, throwing long shadows across the dig site. He was stood across on the opposite side. he went to shout to him when something sprung to his mind.

he had seen statues similar to this before – in his research. Several different societies had similar beliefs and similar practices, and often a statue like this was involved in one of them. It was used as a means of boosting fertility. A woman would use the statue to pray to the relevant deity, and hope for a blessing. Rubin looked back down at the statue, then up at his busty colleague yet again. Quickly crouching back down, Rubin grabbed his bag and carefully placed the statue inside. he checked to see if anyone had noticed, but everybody was too busy at work. A mischievous smile crept across his face and he went back to digging.

A few hours later, the Sun was almost kissing the horizon and the temperature was beginning to drop. Rubin hadn’t discovered anything else, but he had already found all he wanted anyway. Their supervisor shouted for everyone to wrap up and meet back at the coach so they could go back to the hotel. Rubin grabbed his things, taking extra care with his bag as he stood. Then, he joined the rest of his co-workers and slowly filed back to the coach.

he climbed the steps and walked towards the back to find a seat. he slumped down in an empty space and placed his bag on the seat next to her, hoping nobody would sit there. If someone sat there they might find out about the statue! People filled out the coach, and nobody asked to sit next to her, much to his relief.

“Well done today, you did a great job,” came the voice of his supervisor, who was standing at the front of the coach. “We will meet up over dinner and have a quick debrief. For now though, kick back and relax!” He sat back down. Rubin wished he could do as he suggested, but he didn’t think he would be able to relax. he couldn’t believe he had taken the statue! he looked down at his bag and really wanted to get it out and have a closer look, but he knew he would have to wait. Instead, he put his headphones in and tried to distract herself with some music.

The coach set off, and Rubin could hear the excited chatter as everyone talked about their discoveries from the day. People were leaning around the seats and laughing. There was far too much excitement for his to take a closer look at his statue. he decided to wait for everyone to calm down. There was still a long drive ahead, so the right moment would eventually come.

It took a few hours until most people had fallen asleep. Rubin hadn’t even come close to drifting off… he had been so nervous and excited. he looked across the aisle to the girl sat in the other row to double check he was definitely asleep. he was practically curled up in a ball and was audibly snoring. Now was the time!

Reaching into his bag, he grabbed the statue. he turned away from any prying eyes there might be and leaned in for a good look at his find. The woman in the statue was unnaturally busty. his breasts were several times larger than any Rubin had ever seen before. he rubbed some of the remaining dirt off and the stone glinted in the moonlight. It was made from a very dark substance, and surprisingly felt hollow.

The coach suddenly went over a bump in the road and Rubin felt his grip slip on the statue. Another bump, and the statue fell out of his hand, bounced off his lap, and smashed on the floor. “Shit!” he looked down and saw nothing but shattered remains and a wisp of white smoke rising from them. It smelt funny.

“No, no, no,” he muttered, his eyes wide. he looked up and saw that a few people were looking his way, alerted by the noise. Nobody could see the shards of the ruined statue over their seats, but Rubin turned a deep red nonetheless. News must have travelled down the coach because Rubin saw his supervisor stand up and walk down the coach towards her. “What do I do?” he thought, panic setting in. he leaned forwards to brush the evidence away but saw something odd. The last remnants of the statue were quickly evaporating into that strange white mist he saw before. he watched it vanish before his very eyes!

“I heard something smash, is everything alright?” Rubin looked up and smiled at the supervisor.

“Yeah everything’s fine.” he straightened up and held up his phone. he noticed his bra felt tight as he did so. An old crack in the phone screen was very obvious. “I dropped my phone. Look at the state of it!” he felt his heart racing.

He looked at his without saying anything for what felt like hours. “That’s a shame,” he said. “Be careful with the shards.”

he nodded. “Will do...” He turned and walked away, throwing back a suspicious glance as he went. Rubin exhaled and relaxed somewhat as everyone turned back around or went back to trying to sleep. When he next inhaled, he noted the tightness in his bra again. he gave his bra strap a quick adjustment, but still felt it pushing against his breasts more than he was used to. he looked down and could immediately tell something was going on.

Her breasts looked bigger! They looked slightly fuller and rounder than they had a few minutes ago. he pulled his elbows behind his and stuck his chest out for a better view. his boobs stood out from his chest noticeably more than usual, and he could see easily see the shapelier form of his breasts pressing against his shirt.

Rubin looked around to check if anyone was still looking his way. No-one was. he grabbed his shirt at the collar and pulled it outwards, looking down the opening at his breasts. “Holy crap,” he whispered. They were definitely bigger; he could see them bulging against his bra, filling it out much more than usual. They were pressed together more too, making them look even larger.

Then he saw something even stranger. As he looked at his tits, he could swear he saw them rising up a little bit more. They slowly crept forwards into the embrace of his bra, filling it out right in front of her! They rose up towards his head too, filling out in all directions at a slow and steady pace. he watched in disbelief for a second.

“Oh my god… is this really happening? Please let it be real!” he let go of his shirt, letting it fall against his gently swelling bosom. What if he grew to be as big as his busty colleague? Then he looked down at the floor where the statue had smashed into pieces and then disappeared in a wisp of smoke. “The statue?” he said. Could that statue have somehow made his grow?!

Rubin felt his bra gradually tighten as his boobs expanded. They filled out the cups more and more until he could feel them beginning to spill out over the top. his growing boobs bulged and surged more and more as the expansion properly took hold. he could feel his bra straps pushing into his back, and then his bra began to slowly get pushed forwards as a result of the continual growth. As his tits expanded to what looked like a D cup in size, he gasped. “This is absolutely insane.”

he rolled his shoulders forwards, allowing his bra straps to slacken somewhat. his tits carried on filling his bra, even after doing so. This meant that a few seconds later he could feel the bra tightening around his body yet again. he gave up and sat back, straightening his back again, realising that was was a futile endeavour. his bra immediately constricted as he sat up, pushing against his tits as they tried to hold their growth back. he could feel the cups digging into his swelling boobs more and more as they continued to pour further and further over the top. his breasts inched forwards, making his loose shirt look more filled out by the second.

A grimace spread across his face as the tightness increased. he could feel his breasts beginning to squash out around the sides of his bra as well now. he squirmed as he kept on expanding. “I really need to get this off before it gets too much,” he thought. he reached up behind his shirt and up his back, which pushed his chest out. his shirt tightened against his rack as he did so, doing nothing to hide their new and curvaceous form. he could see them slowing rounding out even more and pressing forwards relentlessly. They looked so full and firm that Rubin had to restrain herself from grabbing at them and focus on the task at hand: getting his tightening bra off. he estimated that they were around three sizes too large for his B cup bra now… maybe even more.

As he started fumbling with the bra clasp, he felt his shorts begin to press against his bum even more too. he ignored the feeling for now since there was a more pressing concern. he grabbed at his bra again and carefully undid the clasp. he struggled to grab at it because of how tight it had become, but he eventually managed it.

The bra sprang forwards, propelled by his expanding boobs. his tits wobbled on his chest, pulling his forwards in his seat a little. he sighed in relief as the pressure alleviated. When his breasts finally stopped jiggling, he could see them still inching ahead. he reached up and pulled his bra out from under his shirt. his hand nudged against his tits, and it sent a tingle through his whole body. They were so much more sensitive!

Rubin looked behind herself to see what was going on with his butt. he leaned forwards for a better look and felt his boobs’ increased weight pulling his down. When he looked at his butt, he could clearly see that it was growing larger as well! his shorts were clinging tightly to his skin, highlighting his plump ass. It looked almost too large and round to be stuffed into his shorts. Not only that, but it was slowly expanding even larger. he watched as it ballooned up behind her, taking up all the space his shorts had available.

Rubin bit his lip. “This is incredible,” he thought.

Suddenly, he realised that he was still holding his bra for all to see. he reached down and grabbed his bag from the floor. As he did so, he felt his breasts softly press into his lap. They spread out across his thighs as he leaned further forwards. he put his bra into his bag, and could feel his tits expanding against his legs. They swelled across his bare thighs, taking up space in all directions. The sensation of them being pushed back against his chest was a new one, but it was welcome. he enjoyed the moment a little longer as his breasts began to pour over the sides of his lap.

When he sat back up, he felt his shirt instantly tighten around his boobs. They were now so big that they had taken up all of the slack that his once-loose shirt had to offer. Despite this, they were still expanding, pulling the fabric tighter and tighter. There was no hiding their large size due to the way his shirt was hugging them. Now the size of cantaloupes, Rubin stared in wonderment as they kept on growing. Every now and then, the material of his shirt would jump across his curves slightly, pitifully giving up even more space to the ceaseless expansion.

The waistband on Rubin’s shorts was getting far tighter now. It pressed into his hips with increasing intensity until he could no longer ignore the sensation. he looked back and was met with the sight of his butt, which had grown even larger. Not only that, but his hips were most definitely wider than before too. They widened out to the sides more, and Rubin could feel his shorts tightening and constraining around his expanding backside.

he placed his hands on his ass, wanting to feel the growth. he could feel the expansion against his dainty hands, forcing them further and further backwards. his bum began to bulge out over the top of his shorts as the space ran out. he grew and grew over his shorts, feeling every inch of the expansion as it happened.

Her hands slowly moved away from his expanding rear. First, he moved his hands over his wide hips and went onto his waist. he enjoyed the curve as he went, revelling in how wide his hips were getting. Then his hands cupped under his breasts. They felt heavy as he moved up towards the front of their curves and gave them a squeeze. “Ohhh,” he moaned, feeling the pleasure twinge across his breasts.

Rubin found he couldn’t hold the entirety of his boobs in his hands any more; they were far too big. In fact, there were each around the same size as his head… and still growing. he sank his fingers into them, squeezing softly and letting his tits bulge between his digits. They pressed against his hands as they continued with their expansion outwards. he could see them slowly moving forwards, and he allowed for his hands be gradually pushed away. his hands roamed all over the curves of his breasts, hefting their notable weight every now and then. Each time he ran his hands over his nipples, it elicited another quiet moan.

Rubin realised he was starting to make a decent amount of noise… what if people had noticed? he quickly looked around to see if anyone was paying attention. As he was looking around, he made eye contact with the girl sitting across the aisle from her. Rubin moved his hands away from his boobs slowly, and bit his lip. The girl just closed his eyes and pretended not to see anything, although he did nothing to hide his smirk. Rubin could feel herself blushing… he may have been getting a bit carried away for a moment.

The coach went over a bumpy patch in the road, quickly lurching up and down. Rubin felt his tits jiggle madly with each bump. They wobbled around inside his incredibly tight top, which did a poor job of supporting them. The weight of them bouncing up and down was a surprise for Rubin, who was used to almost weightlessness on his chest. Each time they reverberated, they expanded a little bit further. he restrained herself from giggling. “I’m loving this,” he thought.

Her ass and hips completely filled the seat now. Rubin felt his hips touch the armrests on either side and gradually press against them more and more as his hips grew even wider. his thighs had started to get fuller too, in order to keep up with his expanding hips and ass. They began to press together as they plumped up.

The shirt was now unbelievably tight around his tits. They continued to swell up, stretching the material taut. They rounded out, ballooning in every direction. his buttons started to strain under the pressure and gaps slowly opened between them as the shirt became increasingly inadequate. his cleavage was visible between the straining buttons, and tit flesh bulged forth, inching further forwards as time went on.

Rubin’s boobs were now the size of bowling balls, and the seat behind his felt like it was getting smaller and smaller with each passing second. Just looking at his curvy body and knowing it was only getting curvier was really turning Rubin on.

The coach began to slow down, and then turned off the main road. As it continued at its slow pace, Rubin heard the supervisor’s voice again. It snapped his out of his boob-centric trance. “We’ll be back in about a minute or so. Drop your things off in your hotel room and meet back in 20 minutes for food and a quick debrief.” A few seconds later, the coach rumbled to a halt and people were grabbing their bags and scrambling to their feet.

Rubin leaned forwards, partially to get his bag, but mainly to hide his newly-developed bust. his boobs pressed against his legs again, but this time they took up most, if not all, of his lap. They squashed against his plump thighs and overspilled them. As he remained still, he could feel his breasts swelling even further over his lap. he could barely reach down to get his bag off the floor, since his boobs took up so much space.

he waited for people to leave the coach, so nobody would get a chance to see her. As he waited, his boobs pushed against his legs with more and more pressure. he could feel his expansion slowly pushing his body upwards as a few minutes went by. Behind her, his ass pressed out into the seat. his hips were really wide now, filling the chair completely.

Rubin looked to see how many people had left, and saw that the girl across the aisle had been staring at his the whole time with the same smirk on his face. he finally stood up and left with the rest of the people. As he did, he looked back at Rubin and winked. Rubin felt embarrassed, but also ecstatic. That girl was the first person to notice his new body… and seemed to like it!

The last few people filtered off and Rubin began to rise from his seat. his hips and ass were so large that they nudged against the armrests as he stood. he felt his hips get more and more confined as he rose, until he became stuck. Rubin swore and grabbed the top of the chair in front of her. he pulled forwards and his hips slid out of their temporary prison. his bubble butt jiggled with all the commotion.

he stammered forwards slightly as he was released, and his boobs squished against the chair in front of her. he regained his balance and stood up straight, his tits rubbing against the seat all the while due to taking up the space between his body and the chair. Pleasure shot through her, centring on his hyper-sensitive breasts.

Rubin shuffled out into the aisle. his boobs and ass bounded with each step, bouncing uncontrollably. his shirt was so tight that it looked like the buttons were about to give in any minute. As he began walking towards the front of the coach, he could still feel herself growing. his tits, now the size of ripe watermelons, were being compressed against his ribs due to the constraint of his shirt. They jiggled as he moved, constantly threatening to tear right out of his clothes.

Her ass nudged against every seat as he walked, his hips swaying side to side as he was unused to such large proportions. his shorts were so comparably small to his body when he looked down that he had to stifle a laugh. his ass bulged out from the top and the bottom of it quite considerably. As he left the vehicle, he almost lost his balance a few times – either due to his heavy tits pulling his forwards, or his ass bumping against the seats.

Rubin carefully walked down the steps and off the coach, making sure not to lose his balance yet again. The cold night air made his shiver and his nipples hardened, clearly visible under his shirt. his colleagues had gained some distance on his by now, and he hurried as best as he could to catch up. This only made his new assets wobble more, but he managed to keep it mostly under control.

As he was walking towards the hotel, one of his shirt buttons suddenly burst off. his tits sprang forwards, straining the remaining buttons even further. “Oh shit! Come on, hang in there… almost back to the room!” his tits pushed out further and further, pouring through the new opening.

he begged his clothing to stay intact, not wanting to expose his massive tits. his shorts weren’t faring much better either. he could see some of the fabric beginning to fray at the seams. his ass was still slowly swelling as well, and his hips were widening too. They were now a whole 6 inches wider than his waist on each side, and gaining. 

Rubin hurried into the hotel, down the corridor and into his room. he slammed the door shut behind his and sighed in relief. Just as soon as the door shut, his shorts began to tear at the back. his ass pressed the advantage and pushed through the gap, now expanding over the top, from underneath, and through the rip that was just created. The tear opened up wider and wider due to his inflating rear, and soon his cheeks could be seen clearly through it.

Another button burst from his shirt, firing a few feet across the room. his massive boobs leapt forwards into the free space. The momentum of his heavy tits dragged his forwards. he stumbled and nearly fell, having to grab onto a nearby table to remain upright. his breasts were squeezed so tight that he could see the colour of his skin through the parts that had not yet ripped apart. They bulged through the gaps at the front, and began to push through the neckline as well.

he grew and grew and grew. his ass ballooned out behind his steadily. his hips widened to keep up, as did his thighs. his bottom half was extremely disproportionate to his waist, twice as wide and twice as full. Likewise, his bust was very disproportionate to his body. he could see it growing ahead slowly, gradually blocking more of the lower part of his vision.

Rubin’s shorts ripped open a little more, and more of his ass poured out of the gap. The shorts were so tight that it was getting to be quite painful, so he realised he would need to get them off… and quick. he pulled at the topmost button of his shorts, and as he did so, he felt his arms pressing against the sides of his tits. he undid it, and felt the pressure immediately relieve, making his ass jiggle. “That’s already better,” he said. he unbuttoned the rest, and began lowering his shorts. he had to wiggle it over his wide hips, protruding ass, and thick thighs in order to get it off. As he leaned over to pull it down his legs, his boobs dangled below her, tightly held back by his shirt.

he stood back up and looked back to see his ass still expanding. his knickers had long since slipped between his cheeks, and they were so skin tight that it was unbelievable. Each butt cheek was now the size of a volley ball, and still slowly inflating larger too. he grabbed his bum and gave it a squeeze. “Oh my god, it’s still so firm,” he said. he felt herself getting even more turned on just by looking at his massive ass and knowing it still wasn’t finished growing.

Her shirt dug into his supple breasts more and more now. his boobs pushed through every gap available. They inched further ahead all the time. It was getting so, so tight. he gritted his teeth. he closed his eyes. he groaned…

And then the rest of the buttons all came bursting off his shirt. his gigantic breasts shot forwards, wobbling and jiggling as his shirt opened, each half flying to the sides. Rubin caught his breasts in a hug, trying to stabilise them. They bulged around his forearms and almost completely enveloped them. “Mmm,” he moaned, their increased sensitivity showed itself yet again. Once his breasts stopped jiggling, he let them go and took the remains of his shirt off. he then looked at his freed breasts in all their glory.

They were each the size of a basketball, yet maintained a full and firm tear drop shape. They slowly curved down from his chest and reached down to his navel. his erect nipples capped the frontmost part of his bosom, and lead the way as he kept on expanding. he could see them progressing forwards even still, and they were also taking up more and more space on his torso. They swelled down over his belly button ever so slowly.

Rubin felt his knickers snap off and fall to the ground, leaving his completely naked except for his boots. he ran his hands down his curves starting at his breasts. he felt them expanding against his hands before he slowly moved down their gentle curves. he pinched his nipples on the way, letting out a moan. Then he moved his hands to the sides and ran them over his hips, which widened even more as he moved. Finally, he gave herself a slap on the ass, feeling it undulate in response.

Then, he felt the pace of the growth slow right down. “Oh no, don’t stop yet,” he pleaded. he had been enjoying this expansion far too much for it to stop now. However, the growth slowed even more, eventually coming to a stop. “Well, damn,” he said, sighing.

Rubin wanted to get a proper look at his new curvaceous body, so didn’t hesitate in moving to the mirror across the room. he could barely walk straight. his hips swayed wildly and his boobs bounced up and down as he walked. This served to highlight his exaggerated hourglass figure even more.

“Holy shit, I look incredible,” he said once he arrived in front of the mirror. he looked herself up and down, taking in the sheer size of his breasts and ass. he smiled widely and grabbed one breast in one hand, his ass in the other. “Ohhh,” he moaned again, still staring in the mirror. he kept on doing this for a few minutes; looking herself over and feeling every inch of his new body.

he got so lost in his refection that he almost forgot about having to go and meet up for dinner. he looked at the alarm clock and realised he only had a few minutes! he had to get ready, and fast.

he went to his suitcase and began digging for clothes. he knew none of his underwear would fit his now, so he would have to do without. First, he pulled out a pair of jeans and tried them on. he stepped into them, putting his arm on the wall to steady his balance as his tits pulled his forwards. The jeans barely came halfway up his legs when he tried to pull them up. his thighs were now far to large for his to get his jeans on. he put the jeans back and tried on a pair of loose joggers. They passed by his thighs, but got stuck at his bum. he pulled and pulled, squeezing his ass upwards until… the material stretched over his massive ass and wide hips. It was still very tight, but at least he had found something to actually dress his lower half.

Next, he had to cover his huge boobs… which he knew wouldn’t be an easy task. he pulled out the largest and baggiest t-shirt he had with her. he pulled it down over his head and tried tugging it all the way over his tits. he had to move the top this way and that, making his breasts bounce and sway. The pleasure kept on ramping up as he fidgeted with the shirt, trying to get it over his sensitive breasts. It quickly started to drive his wild, managing to make his even more aroused. he moaned and his hand started working its way into his jogging bottoms to go between his legs. Then, he stopped herself. he didn’t have time to get carried away. Looking at the clock revealed that he only had 3 minutes left to get ready.

The top that he had tried on was far from adequate. It didn’t cover his belly at all, and his tits bulged out of the neckline as well as out from underneath. It pressed his breasts against his body tightly. “Well, this won’t do...” he said, scanning the rest of the clothes for another solution. he spotted a big jumper that he often wrapped herself up in whenever he got cold. “That might do the trick.”

he teased the t-shirt off herself, and then pulled the jumper on. After struggling to get it over his overinflated chest it managed to cover the entirety of his boobs, but only barely. his belly, from the bottom of his tits and down to the top of his hips, was left on show. he looked down and could clearly see his cleavage showing down his collar. Maybe he didn’t have anything at all that would manage to cover his new curves?

“Well… I have this incredible body now,” he thought, “I might as well flaunt it!” he decided the tight clothes he was wearing would do a very good job of showing off his body.

Standing up straight to look at herself in the mirror once again, Rubin took one last glance. his figure was insanely over exaggerated – taking the definition of an hourglass body to a whole new level. his clothes clung to his skin tightly, so there would be no way his colleagues wouldn’t notice the changes that had happened to her. That excited her. he gave herself an approving nod, then turned away.

he stumbled his way over to the door, still getting used to the weight distribution of his body. he looked down at his massive tits, grinned, and then went to join his colleagues for dinner.