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Cleanliness report performed as a 3rd party observer, hired by David Molnar through TaskRabbit- HSBM

At 11/28/11 - 19:45hrs I was let in and led up stairs to the 3rd floor. I noticed a bag, of what looked like general trash and debris in the corner of the foyer. I received a brief tour. I'm taking in to account the general state of Noisebridge, as I've witnessed, is, metaphorically speaking, an organism. People are performing projects, working on laptops, preparing and consuming food and drinks, constantly, everywhere. There is a huge amount of general clutter.

I was informed there is some construction taking place, you can notice some drywall/wood dust in the corners of most of the facility.

Most of main floors looked recently swept, and/or mopped. I noticed a stained, dirty towel on the floor of the “Church” classroom.

    • stopped by to snap a few pictures 11/29/11 - 15:30hrs, dirty towel was still present. "Church room" more junk strewn across the classroom.

They're several abandoned empty beverage containers in every room, along with whatever people are consuming at the time.

The Kitchen, I noticed no food debris, dirty dishes, or open containers of food. I did notice several empty beverage containers on the counter-space, and few left on top of the cabinets. I had to take into account the Kitchen had been in constant use during the 2 hours I was at Noisebridge.

I observed several waste bins brimming with trash in the kitchen, and in the electronics Lab.

Random clutter, or leftovers from an art project was left on a table in the Darkroom.

In one of the bathrooms, empty toilet paper rolls were strewn on the floor. The bathroom surfaces looked fairly clean.

Example photos: [1] [2] [3]

The following report is from another task rabbit hired to visit the site. I stopped by on 12/7/11 around 230 pm and stayed until 315. The building entrance was a little trashed and I was warmly greeted by a student who was heading up to Noisebridge and let me in. The space is large and quiet but there is motion going on everywhere. I was surprised at how minimal the clutter was considering there are people there working on projects like soldering, woodworking, and electrical things. One person was sweeping up debris into garbage bags which he then took down later. This may explain why I didn't notice any overflowing garbage cans. 3 people greeted me and gave me a tour. The worktables, floors, desks, kitchen, bathroom, library and main walkways were clean. There wasn't anything I saw that looked sticky or super messy. Some people were eating on the worktables but nothing was laying around precariously. There was clutter in the aisles where a lot of supplies are kept and should probably be contained better but nothing hazardous. It definitely looks like a space that gets used a lot but overall pretty clean. People were milling around the kitchen eating and talking and hanging around. I couldn't stay for very long to see what it looked like in 2 hours but it was nice while I was there. Here are links to the images of the space: [4] [5] [6]

Cleanliness report performed as a 3rd party observer, hired by David Molnar through TaskRabbit- HSBM

This cleanliness inspection took place Monday 12/19/11 at 530pm. The foyer had been cleaned out thoroughly since my last visit on 11/28/11. THis particular monday it was very busy at Noisebridge, a communal meal was being prepared, and a group of about 10 teenagers were touring the facility. The worktables, floors, desks, kitchen, library and main walkways were clean. The Woodshop was in use, I think this room could use some shelving, and some organization to reduce some of the clutter. Both bathrooms were clean. I did notice a pile of dirty towels in between the "Church room" and the Kitchen. The classrooms tend to look neglected, desks strewn about, and small bits of left over project materials, papers are left on desks, and on the floor. There was a huge amount of construction debris and trash that has since been removed. I've seen marked improvements in Noisebridge's cleanliness since my last visit.

[7] [8] [9]

Cleanliness report performed as a 3rd party observer, hired by David Molnar through TaskRabbit

This cleanliness inspection took place Wednesday, 12/28/11, at 2:00 PM. Noisebridge was quite quiet when I arrived. The space was relatively clean, but not exactly tidy. Very little was on the floor, but workspaces and the woodshop, in particular, were cluttered. A few desks were completely clear, which made a good impression. The electronic(?) equipment area was very well-organized; I'd recommend the same sort of bins/organizing system for other areas of the space, as I think it lends a much tidier appearance as well as easier access to materials. Both bathrooms were clean, and the kitchen was acceptable. A few food items were open and strewn about; I'd suggest a better cleaning system in the kitchen, as I worry that the current status isn't particularly sanitary. Otherwise, the space definitely looks like it's worked in, but is overall well-maintained and creatively appealing.