Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball

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2017 SEPTEMBER 9-10
2017 SEPTEMBER 9 21:00
 - Noisebridge TIME TRAVEL BALL

[edit] Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball


Noisebridge has existed as a community of hackers for 10 years and has been providing cyber infrastructure for 9 years! During that time we've been example of good (and not so good) ways to run a hackerspace, but we keep hacking on.

To celebrate, we're going to have a EXHIBITION Weekend packed with as much, of what we have learned and worked on together, as possible; and will accentuate it in the middle with a big TIME TRAVEL themed BALL.

You are invited!

You are invited to attend this Exhibition and Ball and celebrate with us. We’ll be setting up Noisebridge Hackerspace to display projects, have panels and presentations, share our stories, host classes and workshops, play games, play music, and party.

You can participate!

All are also encouraged to participate, educate, and volunteer to make this event even more special. Bring friends, bring your projects, bring your skills, bring your plans, bring ideas you want to share. Together, we will create an Exhibition that highlights and reminds ourselves of the value of this hackerspace, the local community of hackers that make it work, and how excellent it is to be able to share it with so many. Together, we will reflect on what was accomplished at Noisebridge during this time, what did or didn't go as planned, analyze what we’ve learned from this experiment, and see what things people have been working on. Together, we will look into the past and toward the future.

You can help!

Would you would also like help with and/or participate in the Exhibition and Ball? Please let us know. If you would like to bring projects to put on display, have a presentation or discussion group, host a workshop, create an activity, help with preparations, volunteer, or donate funds or equipment, Please do any of the following:
  • Add your ideas and information to this Exhibition and Ball wiki page; below.
  • Come to a Tuesday meeting (usually around 20:00) and let people know.
  • Send a message to and we'll be in touch

To set the mood, here are a few wiki pages that may be useful to recall:


[edit] NB10 Preparations Schedule and Task List

Would you would like to help get the space cleaned up, upgraded, and ready for the Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball? Please see this page for a list of tasks that would be welcome do-ocratic fixes and upgrades to the space. Please add your own as needed.

[edit] The Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition - Current Schedule of Events

The schedule of events is only as packed as we volunteer to make it. However, after 10 years, we probably have a few things we could talk about. As a starting off point here is a rough schedule for the weekend which we will modify as we develop and finalize events. Currently, all events are assumed to take place within Noisebridge.

[edit] Event Descriptions and Presenter Biographies

"Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning."

Do you have knowledge and skills that you, and others, would like to share and which you think other hackers will find interesting? Why not host a discussion panel or workshop during the exhibition weekend?

Please propose it here and let people know. If you are looking for people to help host or join your panel please note that as well. We will finalize the event schedule as the Exhibition draws near.

[edit] Noisebridge TIME TRAVEL Ball

We are having a TIME TRAVEL Ball Saturday Night September 9th starting at 21:00. Local Performers and Artists will be performing at Noisebridge and showing their work. I you would like to bring a performance, artwork, or activity to the Ball please add it to the page linked above, and we'll be in contact asap.

[edit] Projects Show and Tell during Exhibition days

Will we have tables, and most any space in Noisebridge, setup for people to display projects they have worked on in the space over the last 9 years. Showing up with projects during the exhibition setup times is welcome, the more the merrier. Nevertheless, if you would like to let people know in advance what you are bringing and presenting, please add it below. Please also link to any other documentation for your project. If you need special accommodations or setup and logistics help for your project please note that as well.

[edit] Volunteer Positions needed during the Exhibition and Ball

Would you like to help with the event? Do you need help with a portion of the event? Drop in volunteers before and during the Exhibition are of course welcome, but if you would like to help in a larger more specific way, Please add yourself below if you like and let others know what you can help with or what you will need help with.

[edit] Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball Donors

Would you like to support the event with a donation? We will need food, drinks, and other supplies. If we have a silent auction for fundraising, is there something you would like to offer? As we plan the Exhibition, we'll add more specific things that we will be looking for help and donations for here.

[edit] Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball on the Internet and Media

Here are various sites where this event is also being listed.

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