Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball

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Noisebridge's 10th anniversary party.


Note: This page is about an event that has already happened. It took place on 2017-09-09 to 2017-09-12. | Edit

2017 SEPTEMBER 9-10
2017 SEPTEMBER 9 21:00
2017 SEPTEMBER 12 20:00


Photos of the event are located at:

Several of the events were streamed and recorded here are some of them:

Noisebridge 10th Anniversary Exhibition and Ball Credits[edit]

The Noisebridge 10th Anniversary Exhibition and Ball would not have been possible without help from the following people: (If your name was missed, please add it)

Special Guest:

  • Chelsea Manning

Ball and Exhibtion Performers:

  • Suyash Joshi
  • Rich DDT
  • Moldover
  • Doctor Striker
  • Zoe

Production team, Volunteers, and Presenters:

  • @cowlicks
  • @gaardn
  • @signal
  • Adam Becker
  • Alex Peake
  • Amber
  • Anthony A. Russell
  • Augur
  • Ben Kochie
  • Boats
  • Bob Hermes
  • Carl
  • Carrie
  • Charlie
  • Chris Varenhorst
  • Christine Tran
  • Colin Wright
  • Colleen Josephson
  • Daniel Roesler
  • Danielle Baskin
  • Danny!
  • Dawn
  • eenblam
  • fineline
  • Gregory
  • Isis
  • J
  • James
  • Jarrod
  • Jascha Wilcox
  • Jeffrey Carl Faden
  • Jeremy
  • John Brady
  • John Shutt
  • Kelly
  • Kevin Prichard
  • Kieryn Darkwater
  • Kyle Miller
  • Lady Red
  • Laura Henry
  • Lee Azzarello
  • leez
  • Linear Moe
  • Logan
  • Manish
  • Mau Maker
  • Max Goodman
  • Michael
  • Michael Swanson
  • Mitch
  • Moldover
  • Naomi
  • Noa Ver
  • Noah
  • Osman Koc
  • patrickod
  • rachel fong
  • Rafael Arevalo
  • Ruth Grace Wong
  • Ryan Sternlicht
  • Scott
  • Shannon Lee
  • Soraya
  • Tiffany
  • Trent
  • Victoria Fierce
  • Will
  • X
  • Yan
  • -
  • Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment
  • Type A Machines

Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball (saved for future reference)[edit]


Noisebridge has existed as a community of hackers for 10 years and has been providing cyber infrastructure for 9 years! During that time we've been example of good (and not so good) ways to be a Hackerspace, but we keep learning and hacking on.

To celebrate, we're going to have a EXHIBITION weekend packed with as much, of what we have learned and worked on together, as possible; and will accentuate it in the middle with a big TIME TRAVEL themed BALL and fundraiser.
The Exhibition will be September 9th and 10th.
The TIME TRAVEL BALL will be the evening of September 9th.
Please see the Schedule below for details

You are invited!

All events are open to the public and donation based (no one turned away for lack of funds). You are invited to attend this Exhibition and Ball and celebrate with us. We’ll be setting up Noisebridge Hackerspace to display projects, have panels and presentations, share our stories, host classes and workshops, play games, play music, and party.

You can participate!

All are also encouraged to participate, educate, and volunteer to make this event even more special. Bring friends, bring your projects, bring your skills, bring your plans, bring ideas you want to share. Let us see what you have been working on. together, we will look into the past and toward the future.

Volunteers Wanted

Please see the list of positions we are looking for help with. If you would like to help, contact Jarrod


We can't tell you who, since word would spread,and Noisebridge would be mobbed!
But, please come to Noisebridge on
       Tuesday, September 12th, 8:00pm
when Mitch will lead an informal discussion with a super special guest!

This is one famous person who you definitely want to meet!
There will be time for Q&A.

NOTE: The special guest is not Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, or Nancy Reagan

Please come early, since we can only admit the first 150 people.

The Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition Schedule[edit]


Please come early, since we can only admit the first 150 people.

From this past weekend:

After 10 years, we had a few things we talked about! This is the schedule from this weekend's Exhibition and Ball.


* Saturday September 9th
    • 10:00 Projects setup
    • (12:00 Godwaffle Noise Pancakes - Experimental Electronic Music)
      • All Day: Project Displays, Puzzle Boxes
    • 14:00
      • KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mitch Altman - The importance of Noisebridge to the International Hackerspace Movement
      • All Day: Project Displays, Puzzle Boxes
    • 15:00
      • Show and Tell of DIY Audio / Visual Projects | Hackitorium
        • Lee, Noa, Mitch, Anthony, and more tbd
      • TOOOL-SF Lockpicking Village | Dirty Shop - until 19:00
        • Robert
      • Paperboard Led Lamp Making | Sparkle Forge
        • Mauricio and Rafael
      • Constrained Parametric Polymorphism in Rust | Church Classroom
        • Without Boats
    • 16:00 Afternoon Tea
      • Tea and refreshments | Outside Sparkle Forge
      • Impromptu Project Show and Tell in the Hackitorium
        • Open to short presentations by Exhibtion Attendees
    • 17:00
      • Moldover's Project Presentation | Hackitorium
        • Moldover
      • Dead Simple Dresses | Sewing Area
        • Lady Red
      • Inkscape Tutorial for Laser Cutting | Sparkle Forge
      • PGP workshop for Beginners | Church Classroom
        • please bring your computer
        • please install a PGP-compatible email client, like Thunderbird
        • If possible, please have your email already configured with the email client
    • 18:00
      • Stupid Shit Hackathon Regretrospective | Hackitorium
        • Various speakers
      • (TBD: Laser Cutter workshop)
    • ~19:30 Noisebridge TIME TRAVEL Ball!
      • Performances - Hackitorium
        • Suyash
        • RichDDT
        • Moldover
        • Doctor Striker
      • Gnaraoke | Sparkle Forge
      • VRdrome | Church Classroom
      • Board and Card games | Dirty Shop
      • Turing Gallery
  • Sunday, September 10th
    • 10:00 Ball Cleanup and Setup
    • 12:00 EXHIBITION - DAY 02 BEGINS!
    • All Day: Project Displays, Puzzle Boxes
    • 12:00
      • Music Synthesis for Newbies: How to make sounds with microcontrollers | Church Classroom
        • Mitch
    • 13:00
      • Battery Liberation workshop | Dirty Shop
        • X
      • Crypto and Privacy Micro-Conference | Hackitorium
        • Yan
    • 14:00
      • Front-end Web Development: What's changed in the last 6 years | Church Classroom
      • Sewing 101 | Sewing Area
        • Lady Red
      • 3D Printing Workshop | Sparkle Forge
        • Kelly A
      • TOOOL-SF Lockpicking Village - Dirty Shop - until 19:00
        • Robert
    • 16:00 Afternoon Tea
      • Tea and refreshments | Outside Sparkle Forge
      • Musical Performance | Hackitoruim
    • 16:30
      • Gamebridge UnityVersity | Church Classroom
        • Alex
    • 17:00
      • Circuit Hacking with the 555 Timer - Hackitorium
        • J
      • DIY Pockets | Sewing Area
      • (TBD: Laser Cutter workshop)
    • 19:00
      • Noisebridge Fireside Chat | Hackitorium
    • 20:30
      • 50 Years of 5 Minutes of Fame - A Celebration
    • 22:00 Closing statement(s)
      • Chill and Chat


Noisebridge TIME TRAVEL Ball and Fundraiser[edit]


Our donation based TIME TRAVEL themed Ball (and fundraiser), starts on Saturday Night September 9th starting at 19:30.

Music and Visual Artists will be performing live at Noisebridge. VR projects and games will be demonstrated. Gnaraoke will be sung. Games will be played. Decorations will be decorative.

All are encouraged to come dressed as a Time Traveller. If you are a Time Traveller, you've probably already been to the party and hopefully you wore something festive.

If you would like to bring artwork, or an activity to the Ball please contact Jarrod - to coordinate, or just surprise us.

Live Performances by:[edit]


Suyash Joshi aka Techillusionist - Technology and Magic combined and performed in new and exciting ways. Suyash Joshi is San Francisco based creative technologist who enjoys hacking on advance technology - IOT, VR, AR, Drones etc to create illusions and magical affects in his performances. He will be presenting a mix of old and new magic show for hackers and makers at the 10th ball evening.


LoveTech connects artists and communities around engaging experiences, leveraging fresh talent and cutting-edge innovation to expand the dimensions of human expression. We feature established artists pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, as well as emerging artists exploring new spaces in interactive media. RICH DDT is a live electronic music producer/performer, interactive installation designer, and event organizer who is passionately repurposing the latest technology to create an awe-inspiring, open and supportive environment for human connection. ,


History notes only a handful of artists who successfully pushed the limits - both with their music and with the design of their musical instruments. What Bach was to the keyboard and Hendrix was to the guitar, Moldover is to the controller. Disillusioned with “press play DJs”, Moldover fans eagerly welcome electronic music’s return to virtuosity, improvisation, and emotional authenticity. Dig deeper into Moldover’s world and you’ll uncover a subversive cultural icon who is jolting new life into physical media with “Playable Packaging”, sparking beautiful collaborations with his custom “Jamboxes”, and drawing wave after wave of followers with an open-source approach to sharing his methods and madness.


Imagining a sonic world that diverged from our own in 1991, Doctor Striker shreds and roars over heavy beats, guitar riffs, bass lines, and synth hooks. He brings the classical and punk worlds together with training and discipline to electronic pop to create a political, personal and incisively optimistic brand of music.

Volunteer Positions needed during the Exhibition and Ball[edit]

Would you like to help with the event? Do you need help with a portion of the event? Drop in volunteers before and during the Exhibition are of course welcome, but if you would like to help in a larger more specific way, Please add yourself below if you like and let others know what you can help with or what you will need help with.

  • Workshop Assistant
    • Help presenters prepare spaces between events
  • Usher
    • Greet People, Offer information and tours
  • Event Safety-er
    • Look out for hazards that develop in the space and clean them. Make sure exits are clear. Look out for the safety of the attendees.
  • Ball - between set DJ
    • Help setup a DJ booth and play music between Live music sets
  • AV and IT Support
    • Assist performers and presenters with AV and IT setups
  • Videographer
    • We need help recording, editing, and streaming / uploading events.
  • Decorator and Production team member
    • Help in the days leading up the the event, and during, designing, making, and installing decorations, infrastructure, and exhibits
  • Laser Cutter Trainer
    • We'd like to add some laser cutter trainings to the event schedule
  • Magic Assistant
    • Work with Suyash to cue up music for his performance

Exhibition Event Descriptions and Presenter Biographies[edit]

"Noisebridge is a space for sharing, creation, collaboration, research, development, mentoring, and of course, learning."

This page has more details about some of the events and presenters that will make up the Exhiition, if you would like to know more.

Projects Show and Tell during Exhibition days[edit]

Please bring projects which you would like to show and share during the Exhibition days

We want to see what things people have been working on. We will have tables, and most any space in Noisebridge, setup for people to display their projects.

If you need special accommodations or setup and logistics help for your project please contact Jarrod an we'll see what we can work out.

NB10 Preparations Schedule and Task List[edit]

Would you would like to help get the space cleaned up, upgraded, and ready for the Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball? Please see this page for a list of tasks that would be welcome do-ocratic fixes and upgrades to the space. Please add your own as needed.

Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball Donors[edit]

Would you like to support the event with a donation?

We will need food, drinks, and other supplies. If we have a silent auction for fundraising, is there something you would like to offer? As we plan the Exhibition, we'll add more specific things that we will be looking for help and donations for here.

Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball on the Internet and Media[edit]

Here are various sites where this event is also being listed.