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Creating The First Noisebridge Badge[edit]

So this is the vision for the first badge (2016):
By J

  • To be cheap and easily built. $2-$5 max per basic board kit.
  • To coordinate with the existing components, kits, lessons, and slides J put together over the last year for CHM
  • To give the ability to teach lessons from. We want not only people to put it together and done, we would love to see several lessons come out of this badge. By the way we already have several lessons planned and worked out.
  • To be expandable. Initial badge will have microchip, light, and sound using through-hole components. Expansions slots will provide programmability, RGB LEDs, and absolutely an RFID token for the space. Expansions can be surface mount.

We would like this to be the first of many more badges to come. Why not have a new badge every year. It can become a collectible.
So through Slack we all got on board with this:

  • The initial parts of the boards are simple, LED, sound, microchip.
  • The microchip is going to be ATtiny. Many of the existing kits for CHM have this chip and we have lessons planned for this already.
  • Two versions would be nice. The small will be really cheap, something we can easily give away or just get a small donation. The large one will have more expansion capabilities and definitely be used for hacking.

Please send J any questions or comments through the usual channels. We really appreciate all your input. We don't want it to be just J's project but OUR project, a Noisebridge project. Henner, I would love for you to figure out how to put an RFID on this badge. 

Getting the idea for the badge[edit]

Maker Faire Badge in 2015

I noticed that various tech events use electronic badges, Maker Faire is no exception. I liked the simplicity of them yet it encouraged people of all ages to solder, many for the first time. I love the fact that it could be built in minutes and kids get instant gratification that they built something. I wanted to go the extra step. What if we make something relatively simple that kids and grown ups can learn from. A badge that is easy to build yet it has built-in lessons for our popular Circuit Hacking Mondays. So I decided to start looking at some of the beginner kits we have, in specific Trippy RGB Waves and "Hello My Name Is" badge.