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Design for imperfect manufacturing and challenges of making wireless optical system KORUZA event at Noisebridge![edit | edit source]

November 16, 2015, 6:00-7:00pm

KORUZA is a 1Gbps wireless optical system for locations up to 100m apart, using an eye-safe infrared light beam. A low cost, open source and open hardware, wireless optical system, making the free space optical (FSO) technology available to masses and providing an alternative to Wi-Fi networks for RF spectrum congested urban areas.

Design for imperfect manufacturing and challenges of making wireless optical system KORUZA[edit | edit source]

Complicated and precise system can be designed smarter with imperfect tools and machines, demonstrated by the example of KORUZA, a low-cost wireless optical and open source open-hardware system for gigabit 100m wireless communication in urban areas. Motivation for developing this project comes from Wi-Fi, which is the most popular choice for creating low-cost networks these days, however a large number of such networks fail to co-exist in urban environments due to RF spectrum congestion. KORUZA solves this problem by using q highly collimated optical beam for bi-directional communication. In this talk I will discuss the use of 3D printing for development of precise optical setup with imperfect parts, how to design a system using and re-purposing mass-produced off-the-shelf components, discuss impacts of setting up a global distributed experiment World Wide Koruza experiment and observing the developed product in real-life as well as demonstrate the latest KORUZA 1.0 prototype now suitable to make wireless optical gigabit links between buildings.

Presenter BIO
Luka Mustafa - Musti is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and working full-time on wireless optical system KORUZA development at Institute IRNAS Rače in Slovenia he founded in 2014 as well as working on his PhD at University College London. For the past year he leads an keen young team at IRNAS to develop open hardware manufacturing solutions ranging from precise 3D printing of plastics and other more unusual materials to large-scale CNC and plasma cutters for heavier metalwork, innovating on the use of optical fibers is this applications. He promotes and deploys open wireless networks in wlan slovenia project, manages national and international wireless backbones and contributes to several open-hardware and electronics projects worldwide, with intern experience from sound-systems to particle accelerator control systems.

Contact Musti at musti at wlan-si dot net if you have questions/suggestions relating to this event -- many thanks!