Noisebridge Monthly Cleanup

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NEXT CLEANUP: MARCH 16, 2014 @ 12pm

Donation Shelves[edit]

  • Sort new donations into correct bins
  • Make sure labels on boxes match labels on the shelves
  • Add new labels/boxes/shelves as necessary
  • Sort through large equipment and overflowing boxes for electronics recycling
  • Call electronics recycling to pick up remainder of parts
  • Small Parts Storage[edit]

    Simply dump any unsorted electronics components into the "Unsorted Components" bin. More detailed sorting is best done by people with electronics knowledge.

    If you're feeling ambitious, sort items into the categorized bins, eg "Unsorted Capacitors", "Unsorted Resistors", etc. If you're very ambitious, feel free to put items into their specific drawers (eg "100 mF 200 watt capacitors", "250 ohm 1/4 watt resistors", etc).

    More info: ComponentStorage

    3D Printing Area[edit]

  • Make sure printers are functioning correctly.If any are not functioning, label accordingly
  • Generally make sure area is tidy and clean
  • Sweep up floors of debris
  • Return any misc. parts to storage
  • Craft Area[edit]

  • Make sure all machines are functioning properly. If not, label accordingly
  • Sort small parts, fabric, yarn into correct drawers and bins
  • Return any misc. parts to storage
  • Sweep up floor of debris
  • Dirty Shop[edit]

  • Make sure all machines are functioning properly. If not, label accordingly
  • Organize shelves of paints and cans and label boxes
  • Discard of any paints or aerosols that are expired
  • Sweep up floors and counters
  • Return any misc. parts to storage
  • Classrooms[edit]

  • Make sure chairs and tables are in each room
  • Test A/V systems
  • Sweep up floors of debris
  • Kitchen[edit]

  • Wash/dry dishes
  • Organize utensils, plates, and cups with labels
  • Clean inside microwave(s) and refrigerator
  • See if we’re missing any utensils, kitchen supplies and make note
  • Take out trash/recycling
  • Bathrooms[edit]

  • Clean floors
  • Make sure we have enough toilet paper
  • Clean toilet bowls
  • Clean sinks
  • Make sure we have hand soap in each bathroom
  • Computer Station[edit]

  • Make sure all computers are hooked up and working properly. If not, label accordingly.
  • Put misc. parts and CPUs back into parts storage
  • Library[edit]

  • Make sure books are in the right place
  • Add new shelves as necessary
  • Add new labels as necessary
  • Return any misc. parts to storage
  • Coffee Station[edit]

  • Clean countertops
  • Make sure we have coffee filters
  • Make sure all coffee makers/hot pots are functioning. If not, label accordingly.
  • General/Misc.[edit]

  • Make sure main tables are tidy, wipe up debris
  • Test A/V system
  • Paint over graffiti
  • Add or edit signage to any of the areas
  • Organize welcome desk
  • Sweep up floor