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“How could I forget?” Masha’s piercingly clear blue irises changed to red, and she stared at Oksana’s chest. Oksana’s breasts slowly expanded, as did her already enormous rear end. As they did, her skin darkened further to an unearthly purple hue. Her nipples expanded as well, growing wider and more erect until they too started leaking milk. The remains of her woollen dress snapped and fell to the ground. As Oksana began milking, she wiped a bit of it from her muscular midsection and tasted it. “Tastes nasty,” she said. “Not to them,” Masha scolded in a tone beyond mortal reproach. “It is their nectar.” Masha reached down and picked me up in her warm, unlined hands. A feeling of inhuman bliss settled over me as my face approached her quivering nipple. “Drink,” she said. Her voice enveloping my fragile body, casting me beyond time and world. I managed to glance over and see that Boris and Evgeny were similarly cradled by Oksana and Maya.