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How can we Fix Noisebridge?

  • Repair broken items at Noisebridge
  • Educate Noisebridge members and visitors about what can be done at Noisebridge
  • Maintain what needs to be maintained at Noisebridge
  • Publicize what projects going on at Noisebridge



  • Parse doesn't seem to work well with Cocoapods... I suggest avoiding mixing the two.



  • I'm going with Parse until someone with hardcore backend knowledge is willing to build stuff out and augment Race's rails
    • caveat: Parse is owned by Facebook
    • So if you are not into using Parse, please help build out a nice backend API with me :)

The Keys for the Parse SDK are gitignored, so speak to [User:Romyilano|Romy] Parse does backend for the web api as well so I'll need a JavaScript web partner in crime.


Earlier rails version

I'm switching to Parse because it doesn't appear anyone is maintaining this.


Related Projects[edit]

  • Noisebridge [ToDo] - this is new, and it concerns regularly occurring events. Probably will just add a wiki link to this page.


This intially began as a general Noisebridge general and repair app. Here is previous code: