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Warm light fills a classroom of children descended from the Maya. They are learning how to read, write and type. Some kids are making simple diode lights for their families from scrap materials, and others prepare food and drink that allows the community to live without treated water. Is this a dream?

No, it's a realizable short term goal.

This page is dedicated to building up and promoting an open source project called "Noisebridge Del Chiapas." Using the momentum of SF's 2010 Best Hacker Playground, Noisebridge hackerspace would like to assist in scaling up a hackerspace in Mexico, Chiapas, Tzajala.

The Chiapas hackerspace will be dedicated to education and stewardship in local indigenous communities. The project will focus on the build up of:

  • computer classroom
  • multimedia laboratory
  • electronic laboratory
  • cultured food and beverage center


Offer an educational opportunity to the local community that increases sustainability and economic independence. Noisebridge del Chiapas could, potentially, generate revenue through successful execution of newly acquired knowledge and experience.

The foundation of the project centers on:

  • open source
  • free access to the knowledge
  • alternative educational practices
  • inter cultural exchange

We are looking for people to join us throughout the development of this project. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Are, please let us know if you would like to help plan the Chiapas hackerspace. We will also need assistance during the build up phase in Mexico in Tzajala and of course help to stay connected in the future. We hope that success of this endeavor will inspire more centers in communities in the region, which are even more insulated from the outer world.

The proposal of this project is now being discussed within the Noisebridge community and other hacker spaces in the Bay Area and non profit organizaion Natate A.C. Voluntarioado Internacional and cooperative Cotzaselch are our Mexican partners.

We are look forward to you joining in this effort!

Hacker Space Wish List[edit]

Multimedia Laboratory

  • Computers

6-8 laptops or small desktop computers, Pentium 4 processors and newer

  • Office Unit

multi-functional printer with scanning and copying functions, fax

  • Video Unit

digital camera, camcorder, Internet camera, data projector

  • Audio Unit

audio recording device - microphone, mini-disc audio reproducing device - headphones, speakers

  • Backup and copy unit

DVD/CD burners, blank DVD/CD media, memory card reader (multiple formats), internal and external hard drives, flesh memories (USB),

  • Network

network switches, Ethernet cables

More Info[edit]

[Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck]