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Category:Project Noisedroid is a free build of Android for the G1 ("G-phone", "HTC Dream", "Googlephone") aimed at personal freedom, privacy, and anonymity.


  • Noisedroid/FAQ has a bunch of links about getting the build working and putting it on the target device.
  • Noisedroid/Nights are coworking periods in the main space on Thursday Evenings at 7:00pm.
  • Noisedroid/Shows highly speculative Android Show-and-Tell events.


2011-03-23 Revived after 25 months to offer Noisedroid/Nights. Like the idea of doing a custom CyanogenMod fork and will look in to it, but for the time being, going to leave the previous Android build in stasis. Does anyone still even run it? - Azi

2009-02-17 After a weekend of hacking, the upstream sources build and can be installed (shot 1, shot 2) on a commodity G1 rooted with the engineering bootloader. GL-ES is done in software instead of using hardware acceleration, so the UI is pretty unusable. The Bluetooth and wifi drivers are missing.

2009-03-15 Another productive weekend, built and running more tip-ish kernels and TI wlan driver to give a working WiFi interface; phone calls, GL-ES accelerated drawing, and Bluetooth are all working.


  • Update this document
  • Android built using best available free software (but more Ubuntu than Debian -- if free software doesn't work well enough, use the proprietary while helping the free software improve.)
  • Reproducible, documented, build processes.
  • Make it easy to use your own IMAP, XMPP, calendar, and other servers, using encrypted network protocols whenever possible, as first-class citizens in the Android environment.
  • Tor mode for anonymized networking.
  • OTR supported IM
  • recovery mode that supports more than chooser for binary updates
  • Easy tethering over USB, Bluetooth, and wifi.
  • hostap mode for wifi (adhoc is done)
  • Easy access to language interpreters (Python, Ruby, sqlite, Javascript, etc).
  • Documenting Android and working with the G1 for non-Google non-Android free software hackers.
  • Make phone system image (with appropriate SIM) compatible with OpenBTS
  • Add android market installer for rooted phones (like jf updater)
  • where possible break out key features for mainstream/commercial android market stuff (e.g. otr im/sms engine)
  • create alternate market/cloud options for diy'ers untrustful of googlecloud
  • make contact with & attempt to collaborate with others working along similar lines, e.g.:
  • TorProxy and Shadow for Android from


The following ADP1 phones have been donated to Noisebridge:

  • IMEI 351677030049076 -- checked out to Andy Isaacson
  • IMEI 351677030049175 -- checked out to David Molnar