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Noiseschool is an initiative, of sorts, to create decent quality training material for various skill sets. The goal is that each class is complete enough to take a person from minimal/no relevant knowledge to being able to use the relevant tools somewhat proficiently and without guidance. The classes are intended to be project based, building skills in the process of building things. They're also intended to be multi-media, at least in that they should be available both in illustrated written form and also video form, as well as being held regularly, in person at Noisebridge. It's intended that the multiple formats (in-person, text, and video classes) are all kept in sync, so please only make substantial changes to content/structure in a way that's well communicated to everyone involved in running classes.

Current Classes[edit]

Laser Cutter Class[edit]

Class Page: Laser cutter class

Status: Written form only

To-do: Videos, Scheduled classes

Proposed Classes[edit]

As these classes become available, they will be moved to a section for available classes w/ schedule information and class page links.

  1. Inkscape, Fusion 360, 3D modeling, 3D Scanning
  2. Embroidery Machine
  3. 3D Printing
  4. CNC Mill
  5. Manual Lathe and Mill
  6. Circuit Design and Manufacturing
    • Designing circuits to fit functions
    • Prototyping on a breadboard
    • Designing circuit boards (KiCAD).
    • Making circuit boards (toner transfer, optical and isolation routing)
    • Soldering (manual, solering ovens)
  7. Computer Architecture / Design
  8. Semiconductor Fabrication
  9. Plastic Molding / Casting
  10. Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  11. Algorithms and Data Structures