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Note-taking is a big part of sharing the progress made by groups at and between meetings!

Volunteering to be note-takers[edit | edit source]

  • Noisebridge Meetings have Meeting Notes to record all Noisebridge's official business and your group can too.
  • Volunteering to take notes for meetings of Noisebridge or any other group helps a lot!
  • Ask for a secondary note-taker volunteer to help keep up with things, make corrections, and keep notes when the note-taker wants to speak.

Guild Meeting Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Every group can benefit from holding meetings with note-takers and writing down whatever seems important that your group accomplishes be it major announcements or detailed meeting minutes.
  • Many groups have a sub-page for meeting notes or just keep them at the bottom of their main page. Fancy groups keep a category for meeting notes and put them on separate pages like Noisebridge Meeting Notes.
  • It may be handy to have a template page like the Meeting Notes Template for the notes your group keeps every time if you go through some regular ativities like note-taker and facilitator designation, intros, announcements, doocracy, discussions, etc.
  • Try to take as much detail of what people say as you can keep up with typing. If you're not sure about names or what someone said, it is okay to interrupt to ask for clarification.