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I'm pleased to announce a really spectacular talk about OpenBTS that will happen next Thursday (the 12th of March, 2009) around 20:00 (8 pm). The talk will be given by David Burgess, a totally awesome hacker who's part of the OpenBTS project. He sent along this blurb:

"OpenBTS is an open-source system that allows ordinary GSM handsets to be used as SIP or IAX clients. The project's goal is to enable a new type of hybrid cellular telephony for greenfield deployments in the developing world, using the GSM air interface as the "last mile" in rural VoIP networks. We will describe some of the ideas that came together to inspire this project and will outline the project's approach to mapping GSM services to IP-based protocols using applications like Asterisk, MySQL and Kannel."

You may have heard about the cell phone network that popped up at Burning Man 2008? He's of the guys who brought that to life:

For more information see: