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This is a checklist of procedures for opening 272 Capp St. See also Closing

Opening Checklist for 272[edit]

  • Basically, key in and turn on the lights. 4 light switches on main floor, all along left wall.
  • Open upstairs windows and turn on window fans
  • Do a quick run through of space to ensure no "overnight visitors" are still "checked in".

While in the space[edit]

  • Roll up door gate should be shut if you are the only hacker in the space or no hackers are perma-present in the front area of the first floor.
    • It is cool to lift it slightly (a few inches) to help better ventilate the space.
  • Keep exterior front door locked and gate locked, let others in who ring the gate buzzer.

Current Gate Status[edit]

The front "gate" is currently "locked" by 2 locks. (It is more just a simple deterrent to random street people). Soon this is expected to be replaced with an actual locking door that is being worked on currently.

  • One black dial-style lock, the combo of which is 35 21 15
  • One blue combo padlock, code is 1848 (there may also be a 3-digit lock, combination 848)

Other locks[edit]

Eventually these should all be set to unlock with RFID or at least one standard key that members/Philanthropists have.

  • Get the exterior front door key by learning about Closing the space and becoming a Philanthropist.
  • Inner front and back doors can be unlocked by a third key which not many people have but we're about to change those locks to match the front door (July 15 2021)
  • Turing room downstairs locks with an unknown key
  • "Server room" in back downstairs locks with unknown key
  • Electronics room upstairs locks with a key which is on a little shelf outside the room


The RFID box by the door: see the Shed page or talk with someone who knows about it (ask on slack)

To get in[edit]

Enter your pin, then touch the card to open the door

To give access[edit]

See the instructions for using Shed.

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