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Outreach Guild promotes Noisebridge's events and classes to get more excellent folks participating. Noisebridge has many excellent classes that could accommodate many new students.

  • MAINTAINERS: Sophia has been doing social media stuff. Who else wants to volunteer? Mcint. Others?
  • EVENTS: Should there be a regular Outreach promoters meeting to work on spreading the word about Noisebridge?
RECRUITING! Maintainer volunteers wanted, consider volunteering to become a maintainer. (Edit)

Noisebridge Facebook[edit | edit source]

Our FB group is currently not much active.

Noisebridge Meetup Group[edit | edit source]

Meetup is a major part of our outreach.

Noisebridge Mailing List[edit | edit source]

  • Noisebridge Discuss
  • Noisebridge Announce requires approval as it gets sent to Noisebridge Twitter.

Promoting Events[edit | edit source]

Events Page[edit | edit source]

Events go on the Events page which is automatically added to the front page.

Promotional Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Getting each event promoted on the mailing lists.
  • Getting major events promoted to friendly mailing lists such as Dorkbot.
  • Getting newly started or rebooted classes announced to lists along with the list of other events happening
  • Physical event flyer to spread around the community
  • Zine to share cool things happening

Talking to Journalists[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge has been covered by many journalists over the years who often write stories about new developments.

  • A look at the past Press Coverage should give you some names, publications and possible story angles to interest reporters in talking about what's new at Noisebridge.