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Every Noisebridger who wants a PGP key should have one!


[edit] When

Thursday, February 5, 2009, starting at 8 PM.

  • New to PGP/gpg? Show up at or before 8 for assistance creating your own key! You must have a key ready by 8:45 to participate in the keysigning party.
  • Already know the drill and just want to exchange signatures? Keysigning starts at 9 PM.

[edit] What

  • create your own PGP (gpg) key, securely
  • learn how to use PGP to secure email and other digital systems
  • learn about the Web of Trust
  • sign others' keys, and get your key (new or old) signed

[edit] Prep

  • (optional) create a new GPG key.

[edit] Links

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