PID Tuning

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I've only done this on Noisebridge's Ender 3's, but it should work on any printer

  1. Download and open Pronterface Printrun
  2. Connect your computer to the printer over serial interface (plug-in next to SD card slot)
  3. In the top left, select port and Baud Rate. Here, you can see the Baud Rate set to 250000.
    Pronterface interface connection configuration
  4. Type the following
    1. M106 S255
    2. M303 E0 S200 C10
      1. this will return some values that you will want to record for the next step
    3. M301 P(insert value) I(insert value) D(insert value)
    4. M500
    5. M503
      1. This outputs the configuration of the printer. Make sure the row with the PID values matches what you put in step (4.)