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PROPOSAL: People Counter would track how many people are in the space for occupancy safety monitoring.

Proposals to improve Noisebridge. Edit

Culteejen Proposal[edit]

Proposal for y'all:

  • As mentioned before, I wanted to create an app that can show people if / how many people in the space. I whipped up the server side stuff tonight (I tested it on my bot channel) to demonstrate what it would look like.
  • I'm thinking there would be something like a button you would press at the space to increment / decrement the number, and it would update the number on the server
  • screenshot prototype

CRImier Proposal[edit]

  • It's an entry panel kiosk, with a quick (and, hopefully, intuitive) workflow to answer "entering/leaving, how many people, for how long, which rooms" questions
  • Demo video
  • Uses a few custom PCBs, the pads are captouch (the heart board is a TTP229 breakout), designed to be easy to source and assemble independently
  • It runs on ESP8266/32, MicroPython firmware is complete for everything except the actual "send data somewhere" part because I never defined the API I'd be interacting with.
  • The firmware reads buttons and processes them according to the planned UX flow, and has quite a few nifty features for usability. Also, designed to collect anonymous data, of course
  • The panel design is A4-sized and designed for 3mm lasercut wood, so, should be easily cuttable on a K40. The touch pads have 2mm acrylic spacers in front of them - also easily lasercuttable!
  • So if such a workflow would help you, I can publish the non-yet-published design files, and mail the assembled&tested custom PCBs I have if that'd be helpful
  • I've designed this to be useful for other hackerspaces, it's just that I've never gotten to actually getting my shit together and publishing it all
  • Lasercut button box prototype picture
  • Box internals picture - with a random ESP32 devboard
  • MicroPython code for an ESP8266/32 controller
  • Touch electrode PCB design - FR4 pieces can be used
  • TTP229 breakout PCB design - a generic TTP229 (16-key capacitative touchpad breakout) can be used instead
  • ESP12-based controller PCB design - a generic ESP8266/32 devboard can be used instead
  • Sample JSON output:
    {'time': 0, 'locations': [2, 1], 'guests': 2, 'leaving': false}'