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That we introduce a idea of a "Philanthropist" / "Enthusiast" where an excellent individual that at least one member is willing to sponsor contributes on a monthly basis $X/month along the same sliding scale as membership dues, and in doing so is granted 24 hour access to the space.


Donors need to come to a meeting to introduce themselves to the membership, have one member to sponsor them, start donating monthly, and if no one blocks at that meeting, they get 24 hour access. If after their access is instated another member should declares a reason to revoke access, it only takes one meeting to do so. Access would also be revoked if their subscription lapses.

Before being granted 24/7 access donors will need to sign a pledge stating that they understand what it means to have this access, what their responsibilities are in letting new people into the space, and what's not acceptable in the space. Additionally how they might get their access revoked.

Benefits to the community[edit]

The reasoning behind this kills a few birds with one stone.

  • We are formalizing how 24 hour access works when the user isn't a member. It allows the secretary to keep track of who's gotten access and how so that house keeping later will be easier.
  • Finally solidifies and communicates what it means to have 24 hour access and what responsibilities come with it.
  • It gets more people who want to be involved with our community, actually involved, without scaring them away by our lengthy membership process.
  • Provides a stepping stone towards eventually becoming a full on member.
  • More incentive to start up a reoccurring donation.

With this Noisebridge gets formalized 24/7 access while decoupling it from Membership, more donations, happier people who have been wanting 24 hour access.

Loose strings[edit]

Folks who already have 24 hour access are currently grandfathered into this system with a $0 reoccurring donation. Once this passes consensus, the Treasurer will attempt to contact all 24 hour access users to encourage them to actually donate monthly, and also get them to sign off on the pledge.

The responsibilities portion of the pledge could also be required reading/sign off for new (and potentially pre-existing members) so there's no confusion as to what what guidelines/policies are with access and closing the space up at night.