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I need access to Noisebridge outside the day access hours[edit]

You like Noisebridge. You may or may not already have a Noisebridge monthly day access token that gets you in the space during the day. There is an event at Noisebridge you are running, or you have Good Reasons to be in the space before 11 AM or after 10 PM.

First off you're more than welcome to become a Noisebridge Member or a Philanthropist. By doing so you help support the community through either a monthly donation or due, Members get the added good fuzzy feeling inside of participating in our consensus process. Becoming a Philanthropist is a fairly easy process and requires you to (1) be excellent, (2) show up to a single Tuesday meeting and have another member sponsor you, (3) support Noisebridge by giving a monthly donation. The process to become a Member is a little more involved and can be found on the Membership page.

If you are uninterested in supporting Noisebridge through becoming a Philanthropist or Member, but have Good Reason to gain access to the space outside of the day access hours, please continue on.

How can I get Special Request Access?[edit]

If you have Good Reason to gain special request access and becoming a Philanthropist or a Member is outside your realm of possibility, you may request such access through the Secretary. The special access is only good for specific non-reoccurring days, you're considered a responsible person, responsible for who you let into the space, and your access can be revoked at any time by the Secretary or by a Member at a Tuesday meeting.

What are my responsibilities to maintain special request access?[edit]

To maintain your access we require you to understand and follow these responsibilities.

As always we ask you to be excellent by following our Anti-Harassment Policy and Community Standards.

If you're found to be unexcellent, regardless of what your status is with the space you can always be asked to leave at anytime. This could happen with follow up action of having your access revoked at the following Tuesday meeting.

During our general hours of 11 AM - 10 PM we ask that you be friendly and positive to those who don't have access who want to get inside.

While in the space, if someone rings the door bell to the gate you can open it for them by tagging your token to the reader on the inside of the door. Please remember to greet them as they come in, get their name, ask them what brings them to Noisebridge today, and be helpful if you can. You are under no obligation to let anyone in, however you are completely responsible for whoever you let in and that might be grounds for revocation of access!

During our after hours (10 PM - 11 AM), use your best judgment to decide who you allow into the space. Anyone you do bring into the space, guest or people you've just met, are your responsibility. If you feel someone is being unexcellent at any time, you are obligated to bring this concern to their attention, and should it not be resolved kindly ask them to leave.

At 10 PM and after, if you're the last person with 24 hour access leaving the space, please ask everyone to finish up hacking and leave the space with you. If someone doesn't want to leave, please inform them after 10 PM non-24 hour users are not allowed to remain in the space after the last 24 hour access token holder leaves, and that they need to leave with you. If this is a problem for them and they don't want to leave, please contact (415) 413-0205 so that we can raise and alarm and potentially get some more Members over to you to help close the space. We've been operating this people-need-to-leave-after-10pm model since the Noisebridge Reboot and shouldn't be news to anyone.

When leaving the space be sure the following are locked:

  • The gate leading to the elevator room
  • The lock at the bottom corner of the window leading to the fire escape
  • The main door into the space at the top of the space
  • All windows shut

What do I not get through having special request access?[edit]

At no point does special request access grant you the ability to sleep at Noisebridge, "sleep hack" or nap in the space over night. This is a legal requirement set forth on anyone entering our space and violators will not be tolerated. Average hacker, Philanthropist, or Member, hacking belongs at Noisebridge and sleeping belongs at home.

Currently Members can grant anyone a day time access token that works from the hours of 11 AM to 10 PM for 30 days. As of this writing others do not have this ability. Depending on need and circumstances, we might go down a path on changing this in the future.

How could I lose my special request access access?[edit]

Your access may be revoked for the following reasons:

  • The Secretary may use their best judgement to revoke your access at any point in time.
  • You were sleeping in the space (this would also most likely result in a ban from Noisebridge).
  • You gave you access token to someone else to use (circumstances might lead to this need, clear it with the members first).
  • A Member finds you to be unexcellent and brings this up with you and it cannot be resolved. It is recommended for this situation to be mediated by a neutral party. See Conflict Resolution and Mediation. If for any reason issues cannot be resolved after sincere attempts at mediation, the Member can be bring up revocation at a Tuesday meeting. It only takes a single Member and a single meeting to revoke access.
    • A Member may revoke your access because you did not follow through with your special request access responsibilities to the best of your abilities.
    • A Member may revoke your access if you have violated our code of conduct.
    • A Member may revoke your access if you have violated our anti harassment policy.
    • As always a non-Member may ask a Member to act as proxy for any issues they have with you or your access.

After access is revoked, if within 30 days, you're able to resolve the issues with the Member or Members who have revoked your access, and the Member(s) state that they no longer want to revoke your access, you may regain your special request access. If 30 days passes with no resolution, your access is completely removed and you will need to restart the process over after you've resolved all issues.


You are not granted special request access until you've read this, signed it, added your email address, dated it, and returned it to the secretary for your token. Please do so now. Thanks!