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The Queen finished off the flask and proceeded to lay on her back, spreading her cunt wide open with one hand. I couldn't even see her face from this angle, separated as it was by a fleshy mountain range. "Fuck me, Art. I want you to shove as much of your big, sweet cock into me as you can. Look at how wet I am for you." She twiddled her clit lightly, and a pool of cum leaked from within. I slammed into her snatch and nearly screamed from the pleasure. Her electric tongue had only been the beginning. It was like she was fucking the pleasure centers in my brain directly. I was blind with ecstasy as I drove my pillar into her, coaxing thick rivers of wetness out with each drawback. I buried my face in her tits as I pounded away at her. Her cunt took all of me in and gripped me tight. Li Yen arched her hips up to meet each thrust, grinding her pelvis into mine as her voracious pussy swallowed me alive.

With one last thrust, I pushed myself into her as deeply as I could and moved my hips in slow circles against her bottom. I started cumming, but there was another feeling too, as if something were being drawn right through the skin of my entire cock. I orgasmed with every fiber of my being as the Queen screamed a high-pitched wail that must have resounded throughout the compound. I couldn't stop cumming; I kept shooting load after load deep inside Li Yen, whose tits were already beginning to expand again, pushing me gently backwards as I fucked her beyond my control.

I was still cumming inside Li Yen when I felt her gush like a tidal wave, soaking me in her juice from navel to knees. My own perpetual orgasm intensified until I began to shake like an epileptic seizure. The last thing I saw was the Queens growing bosom rushing up to meet my falling face as Beth straddled hers. After that, a few glimpses of Beth with the Queen's teat between her lips as she masturbated. Then, blackness.