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The noisebridge phone bell gets an old phone to ring by a motor turning between the line that rings the bell.

For this reason, the motor axle needs to be uneven so the line can ring back and forth.

The whole thing is driven by a 12 volt power supply, and connected with a simple switch that transforms into a switch when *pressed*.

When the switch is pressed, the motor will turn, and all being well, the bells will ring like an old telephone.

As of August 2023, it is the current door bell.

For best results working on this listen to the Lofi Loft mix

Or maybe Call Me by Blondie

For starters see this boss schematic:
Schematic for phone bell.jpeg

The positive lead goes direct from power to the motor.
The negative lead runs from power to the switch, and then from the switch back to the motor.
The motor turns, and the bell rings.

PXL 20230819 224258067.jpg
This is the motor with nothing on the axle. At this point, the motor will not ring the bell.

Motor to make phone ring.jpg
The motor with uneven tape on the axle and taped to the line that makes the bells ring. (Patent not pending)

The 12 volt power supply. The source of juice, as no one calls it.

Phone bell mute.jpg
For those who enjoy silence. Please carefully disconnect the alligator clip. Be sure no one is currently ringing the bell at that time.


Problem: The motor just buzzes and the bell doesn't ring.
Step 1: Check if more tape needs to be applied to the end of the motor (axle) to make the bells ring.
Step 2: Manually move the lever back and forth to see if the bells ring.

Problem: The motor doesn't turn at all.
Step 1: Make sure there is power from the power supply.
Step 2: Check the motor. Hint, you can use the alligator clip from the mute button to quickly test this by carefully connecting it to the power supply.
Step 3: Get a new motor. We have like 50 of them in the electronics room shelves. In a box... somewhere...

Problem: The switch is broken.
Step 1: Change the switch.
Step 2: Use some other hacky quick fix.

Problem: The wires are broken.
Step 1: This is too much trouble, just wait it out till someone else fixes it on some sunny Saturday.

Problem: People hear the ring and pick up the downstairs phone by the gate and hold the receiver to their ear.
Step 1: Offer them hand sanitizer for their ear after they enter.

Problem: I can't seem to make an outgoing call.
Step 1: Use your cell phone, or borrow a cell phone.

For More Info[edit]

For more info on these kinds of old phones see this video: