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This scanner was donated to Noisebridge.



The HP Photosmart Photo Scanner is a compact, lightweight, high-quality scanner designed specifically for scanning photographs. It can scan prints up to 5 x 7 inches (127 mm x 178 mm), 35 mm mounted slides, and 35 mm negative strips (up to four negatives per strip).

Product features[edit]

  • High quality black and white and color scanning of photos, slides, and negatives.
  • Scans reflective media (photographs/prints) up to 5 x 7" at 300 dpi.
  • Scans transmissive 35 mm media (slides and negatives up to 4 negatives per strip) at 2400 dpi.
  • Powerful image-editing software, Microsoft’s (R) "Picture-It!," and CD-ROM learning products (U.S. only) is included, making it easy to explore endless creative possibilities.
  • Supports PCs using the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system.
  • Compliments HP’s photographic quality printers.

Scanner specifications[edit]

  • Media types: Prints up to 5 x 7 inches, color and monochrome, 35 mm slides and 35 mm negatives up to 6 negatives per strip.
  • Maximum size: Prints 5 x 7 inches (127 x 179 mm)
    • 35 mm negatives 35 mm, 4 exposure strip
    • 35 mm slides 35 mm, single mounted slide
  • Optical resolution: Print Media 300 pixels per inch, 3 color
    • Negative Media 2400 pixels per inch, 3 color
    • Slide Media 2400 pixels per inch, 3 color
  • Pixel depth: 30-bits (10-bits per color)
  • Average time to Scan: Preview scan 10 seconds
    • Final scan 40 seconds
  • Scaling: Bilinear
  • Light source: External electrode Xenon Fluorescent
  • Interface: Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) supplied with scanner
  • Image processing options: Rotate, straighten, color correction, exposure correction

Calibration card[edit]

A problem with the scanner is it asks for a calibration card every 20 scans. Currently the scanner doesn't have a card. This is sad. A replacement card is around $200.

Here is a scan of the card, also it seems like one could just use a white card.

Windows support[edit]

It looks like folks have gotten the thing to work under XP with a Ratoc USB to SCSI adapter.

Linux support[edit]

Apparently there's support for Linux.

Mac support[edit]