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We now have a Liteplacer pick and place machine which we obtained through Makerfaire 2015.


A pick and place machine puts the components on circuit boards at assembly phase. These machines are used for modern surface mounted devices (SMD). The LitePlacer is an affordable desktop machine aimed for prototype quantities boards, it's not necessarily faster than placing by hand but offers a degree of automation of a tedious step during hand prototyping.

Information on the Liteplacer website development directions [liteplacer.com/phpBB/ liteplacer forums]

Hzeller started a repo for liteplacer addons


Hzeller and Miloh are the two best people to talk to about the machine.

How to get jet the Machine to Move

1) Open OpenPNP from the desktop

2) You will now see X Y Z windows with numbers in them

3) Click on Machine SetUp

4) Then click reference machine

5) You will now need to select the text that has the word TinyG

6) You will now be prompted to restart the software

7) Then once, again click on Machine SetUp

8) Select the text with TinyGDriver

9) Select port: (COM4) note this port could change

10) Hit the icon that looks like a power button

11) On the right hand side there should be a slide switch for the distance : change it to 10mm

this will later be updated with more information as the Starfish continue to make progress


Using OpenPNP we were able to get the machine jog machine. Next we are working on calibrating the up and down cameras