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Production notes

Monthly. One hour. Round table style. Leaders are called facilitators. Anyone can participate. Scheduled guests in addition to 15 minute "anything goes segment". Recording done in Fox Lounge. Timings are approximate due to this not being a live broadcast.

Technical challenges

Multiple mic setup. 
2 M/S mics directed as facilitators could cover both primary speakers and ambient sound. One portable directional mic for second or third speaker. Seven mic cables. This might be overkill. Need mounting hardware and cable management. Need operator for Ardour in gnar area.

Example rundown

60 - 120 second intro. Jokes, welcome message, theme music

5 minutes introduction to show. Outline of content, guests introduction

10 minutes on current events in the community

20 minutes guest interview

15 minutes community improv segment. "Do it live"

5 minutes opinion piece

3 minute buffer.