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About Policy Wonks[edit]

The Policy Wonks are a Noisebridge committee dedicated to greasing the wheels of Noisebridge's vast administration, and cutting through red tape. We're here to tidy up policy matters, and make Noisebridge's structure easier to understand and navigate. We're the secret cabal that does this tedious work in the shadows so that you don't have to put up with it at weekly meetings.


The current members of the Policy Wonks committee are:

If you want to join the Policy Wonks help us out, or keep us honest, please join the mailing list, and introduce yourself. You can watch this page to see when we meet next; we also send iCal-style invites to the mailing list, and post our next meeting on the [Noisebridge#Upcoming_Events front page].


This page contains the agenda for the next meeting of the Wonks, and the tasks that we have to do by then. If you have something to add to the agenda, please do so here. Previous meeting agendas, tasks, and notes are at Policy/Past_Meetings. We use a Riseup etherpad as a back-channel during meetings.

Next Meeting[edit]

March 5 2012, 1930h; Noisebridge, Turing Meeting Room


Agreed items:


  • Agree who is going to edit the wiki pages.
  • Copy this agenda to the etherpad for group contribution.
  • Agree on our next meeting time/place, post to the [Noisebridge#Upcoming_Events front page] and NB calendar, and invite policy@lists.
  • Note the attendees of this meeting.
  • Note any items of agreement.
  • Add any proposed consensus items to next week's meeting notes.


  • Review proposed philosophies


  • Kelly: describe harm-minimization bylaws
  • Snail: describe hands-off bylaws
  • Tom: describe utopian by-laws

Not a Manifesto[edit]

A tiny manifesto found in "Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology" by David Graeber. This is not the manifesto of the Wonks, but it does warn against things we should avoid.

The notion of “policy” presumes a state or
governing apparatus which imposes its will on
others. “Policy” is the negation of politics; policy is
by definition something concocted by some form of
elite, which presumes it knows better than others
how their affairs are to be conducted. By partici-
pating in policy debates the very best one can
achieve is to limit the damage, since the very
premise is inimical to the idea of people managing
their own affairs.



Our current big project is updating and rewriting Noisebridge's bylaws so that they better represent our ethos. We have a GitHub repository for managing the changes that we're going to propose. If you'd like to help us out, please file issues, fork the repo, and send us pull requests! If you don't know how to use Git or GitHub, please read the man pages, ask one of use directly, or email the list.