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Projects Hub will provide a complete list of projects and their statuses, transcluded or automatically imported from category:projects

Projects[edit | edit source]

Projects are undertakings by individuals or working groups. Most projects are do-ocratic, however Projects for Awesomeness, which have great impact on the space and the community, require consensus. Projects can be digital infrastructure (i.e. BBS, Discord), Community Resources (i.e Circuit Hacking Mondays, The Woodshop), Art Projects (i.e the Flaschentaschen). This page provides a complete list of all documented projects, sorted by status. A project can have 1 of 4 different statuses: Initiated means that the project is a work in progress, Active means that the project is being actively maintained, Complete is for projects that do not need maintinence, and Ghost is for projects that may be brought back should anybody take initiative. In order to make a project on the wiki, click Make a Project

If some object or project is appearing non-functional and appears to be without stewardship, a parking ticket may be downloaded from [here], printed, & placed upon it with a date added and reason for the ticket. The owner of the project/object then has 30 days from the date of the ticket to claim the project or else it is free game to remove from the space.

Five_Minutes_of_Fame is the perfect place to share your projects! With 10 5 minute talks in an hour every third Thursday of the month, 5MoF is rushed, under prepared, and full of Noisebridge Charm. Sign up on the wiki page to present your project at the next 5moF!

List of Projects[edit | edit source]

Initiated Projects[edit | edit source]

  • NoiseCurtain
  • Send something to space (or more likely to a really high altitude via balloon)! Maybe we could run a server on it so we can communicate with it and score a "First X in space" accomplishment. Really what I want is to build something to take this sort of picture. (edited)
  • Gadget to help you remember when you lost something in your house, and where

Active Projects[edit | edit source]

The Noisebridge BBS

Projects that are under construction or complete but still being worked on and added to.

  • BBS: A Noisebridge BBS!
  • 'WIP Title: Add a bunch of LEDs to the hackitorium and make them (and Flaschentaschen) sound reactive to make shows/performances even more impressive.

  • SpaceJam: Adding a Discord bot for letting people know whether the space is "open" (i.e. inhabited).
  • Hacker Passports: Hacker stamp books for your hackerspace travels around the world.
  • Flaschen Taschen: A pixelated bottle wall with its own software protocol for networking graphics to it. People continually experiment on new graphics interactions and build new ones or add on to make it bigger.
  • Hackstations: Noisebridge has workspaces of various types to facilitate different creativity and crafts.
    • Sewing Station: A complete sewing workspace for crafting with fabric including machines, tables, tools and fabric.
    • Shop: A dirty shop area for wood and metal cutting. Operational and being reorganized.
    • SparkleForge: A clean shop area for laser cutting and other hot crafting tools best kept away from flammables like wood. Being reorganized after 272 move.
    • VRBridge: A VR Cart powering a 10x10x10 holocube for roomscale mixed reality with greenscreen padding and safety screen walls.
    • GNAR: A music lab.
  • (Add yours here!)

Completed Projects[edit | edit source]

The award-winning Flaschentaschen

Projects that are built and operational and not being further modified at NB.

  • Phonebooth Gate Entry: Type the secret code into the phone booth and gain access.
  • Art: Numerous art projects decorate Noisebridge, including:
    • Noisetable
    • Flaschen Taschen:A pixelated bottle wall with its own software protocol for networking graphics to it.
    • Wall Art: Murals and art of all kinds decorating Noisebridge.
  • Grow Bucket by Ruth: grow plants in your apartment. Contact: Ruth Grace Wong
  • Hackathons: NB hosts many hackathons where many projects are produced and documented!
    • Stupid Hackathon: The Stupid Ideas hackathons produce the most useless projects imaginable.
    • Global Game Jam: Many games get created every year based on a theme every January.

Ghost Projects[edit | edit source]

Projects that ran their course and aren't currently active.

  • Spacebridge: Launching DIY payloads high above the Earth.
  • Sensebridge: Noisebridge cyborg group making sensor feedback devices to make the invisible visible.
  • NoiseTor. "The Noisebridge Tor Project is a group of Noisebridge members who want to create more Tor nodes." More info: see NoiseTor and
  • Windmill, a 500 watt power output windmill project.

Project Concepts[edit | edit source]

See the Concepts page and comment or add ideas of your own.