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[edit] Noisebridge Projects

1. NoiseTor. "The Noisebridge Tor Project is a group of Noisebridge members who want to create more Tor nodes." More info: see NoiseTor and

2. CrypTag: End-to-end encrypted, censorship-resistant, privacy-enhancing apps for activists, journalists, and you. The 10-year mission: Data privacy for every Internet user. Tech: React.js, Electron, Go, miniLock and NaCl for crypto, Tor, Sandstorm, and more. Contact: elimisteve.

3. Grow Bucket: grow plants in your apartment. Contact: Ruth Grace Wong

4. (Add yours here!)

[edit] Classes

Looking for a class to join to learn the skills that you need for projects? Here's our list of events, many of which are recurring classes!

[edit] Project Concepts

See the Concepts page.

[edit] Where to Present Your Project(s)

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