Pulse Necklace 08Nov2009

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Pulse Choker Hack Notes, Nov 8th, 2009[edit]

Ribbon Crimp[edit]

We tested a ribbon crimp on the conductive thread, and it worked! All three traces were accessible via header pins into the ribbon crimp, although not always exactly where you think they might be. The 10 pin worked for 3 traces, we hope that 20 pin will work work as much as we need, because it's already big. The 30 pin crimp is enormous!!

LED testing[edit]

183222 - blue LED, very bright, we like this one

197683 - red LED, not as bright as the blue, also not very diffuse, not a winner

1584925 - yellow, more diffuse, but still not that bright, a maybe

2095171 - very bright red, reasonably diffuse, a winner - also we killed one of these

2095189 - yellow LED, much the same as the other yellow

333673 - red LED, kind of orangey tint, fairly diffuse

197675 - yellow LED, bright, a winner

207779 - hard packaging! Also doesn't have a long leg! Green LED, very bright, we like it

Winners: 183222 == BLUE 197675 == YELLOW 2095171 == RED