Pulse Necklace 12Nov2009

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Pulse Choker Hack Notes Nov 12th 2009[edit]

Conductive Thread in the Sewing Machine[edit]

Wound the thread unto the bobbin and unto a spool of white thread, since the spool of conductive thread was too large to sit properly on the sewing machine.

Had tons of trouble with the tension in the upper thread - lots of snapping. Then whatever the problem was seemed to fix itself - tension better. We need to take a sewing machine class!

We discovered that if you make the lines close to each other, they short together and it's like impossible to figure out where.

And, the ends are very difficult to knot - we need to figure out a way to do that better. The ends of the conductive thread fray out like crazy, and easily short the lines together. In fact, our first sewing machine prototype two of the lines short together and we can't even figure out where, despite working on it for like 30 minutes. We talked about using fray check, but couldn't find any here at NB.

Then, we realized that we need to connect the LEDs at the top ends anyway. So if we left big long threads at that end, you could thread a needle unto that thread and use it to connect the LEDs. That leaves the bottom of each line. We hope that the crimp will help keep the thread from pulling through, but also we figure you can switch back out a little bit wider after the location of the crimp, and hopefully use fray check to keep them in place. And all that at the bottom will be hopefully hidden by the pendant anyway.