Pulse Necklace 27July2009

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Custom Stencil Design[edit]

There are a number of websites which offer "custom" or "graphic" stencil design. This is differentiated from the much more common offer to make a stencil from text and font name/size that you supply.

Stencils Online - pricing starts at $40

Designed Stencils - pricing depends on "complexity" and "what they have to go on"

Stencil Planet - prices range from $25 to $200 (ours would be on the low end)

Having thought about how a stencil works, we might have to divide the "T" shape up into three pieces (vertical section and two horizontal sections, and simply move the jig to close the resulting holes. This would make each section essentially a series of parallel line cuts, which would be OK structurally versus the T shape which would result in really long thin pieces of material in the middle rows.

It should be fairly easy to whip up some "art" for this for the LEDs. To get the sensor into the design though may require more thought, e.g. how do we ensure that the fabric holds the sensor in the correct orientation/position/pressure unto the neck?