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Python Organizer Meeting[edit]

Here is the template for organizer meetings:

Note: This is a template for "Python Class Instructor Meeting Template"

Paste this into a riseup pad for the meeting and then create a wiki page following the formula "Python Class Instructor Meeting Notes YYYY MM DD"

Assign the roles:

  1. Meeting Moderator
  2. Primary Note Taker

Python Class Instructor Meeting YYYY-MM-DD

Moderator: <assign> Note taker: <assign>

  • schedule the next meeting


  • Lady Red
  • Elena
  • Trent

Items from last meeting[edit]

Discussion items for this week[edit]

Schedule for the next n meetings[edit]

  • <date> - <class> - <person>
  • etc

Date for the next instructor meeting[edit]

<pick a date and paste this in the Slack channel too>

Next Meeting[edit]

December 5th at 7 PM

Things postponed for next meeting[edit]

  • lets make that one of our key things to plan next meeting - docs to explain organizer meetings, we don't need to make it there, we can coordinate through the month doing that
  • add both of these notes to the wiki on a wiki page following this template "Noisebridge Python Class Instructor Meeting 2017 MM DD"

New instructors added[edit]

  • Nick - nohmapp

Active Instructor Roster[edit]

Actions for next week[edit]

  1. Add the email template to the repo instructors folder
  2. Add the announcement checklist to the instructors folder
  3. Lady Red to follow up with Razzi about the thursday 4-week web sequence
  4. Trent to find someone in the channel on december 4th.
  5. Lady Red - Bring nick up to speed and tell him about the schedule

Things To Talk About[edit]

  • Abstract the instructor meeting into a template so we can do it easier
  • Review what happened in PyClass since the last meeting
  • Review our intentions from last month
       * Any discussion about this
  • Talk about where we want to take it in the future
  • Lady Red says there are two repos - we need to delete the one
  • will send it to trent when she finds it
  • Assign classes for the next month

Things we did this month[edit]

Trent - Move the repo and get everyone access to noisebridge group

  • ACTION: Trent to write notes on the steps involved (meetup, mailing list, etc)

Things missed last month[edit]

Razzi - did not plan 4 week web track yet - ping him


Review what happened in the classes[edit]

Lady Red - I wish that Trent didn't need to prompt me to write the meetup event and send out the email. We could do a slack bot to ping the instructor!!
Trent: Add the stuff I made to the instructors folder as an action this month.
Elena: I would simplify it more.
Lady Red - I like that you had them actually program.
Lady Red - A lot of the people in my class were pretty quiet, and two people spoke up
Elena - you kind of have to single people out (deeper discusson about how to get people interacting with the code)
Lady Red - It sounds like we wer planning for a Thursday class but didn't do that, which is ok because we had a class every week.
Trent - yes nice to have a seamless transition as people running things
Lady Red - It would be nice to have a project manager for the thursday class
Elena - we could have an on call person that runs things each week and a slackbot could tell us who the person is
Lady Red - yeah this could help
Lady Red - Google doc - we could pin it in the pyclass instructors channel

Schedule for next month[edit]

Monday Oct 30th - Trent - Flask Basics
Nov 6th - Elena - Interview Problems that are Algorithmic
Nov 13th - Lady Red - Web Scraper Build Along
Nov 20th - Nick - Numpy and Scientific Python
Nov 27th - Break / Thanksgiving Weekend
December 4th - Jay