Python Class Instructor Meeting 2018 02 20

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Python Class Instructor Meeting 2018 02 20[edit]

Next Meeting is scheduled for 2018 03 20, Tuesday, 7pm in Turing[edit]

  • Meeting Moderator: unknown
  • Note taker: also unknown


  • Lady Red
  • Trent
  • Razzi
  • Nick

New instructors added[edit]


Discussion items for this week[edit]

Student Feedback[edit]

Guest Talk Organization?[edit]

  • Razzi - What is going to happen with guest talks? Will we accumulate them ad infinitum? Seems like there's no way to do it, certain topics that are high requested might go into the course.
  • Razzi - Course material is super cleaned up.

Schedule for next month[edit]


  • February 26 - Django! (Razzi)
  • March 5 - Django! (Razzi)
  • March 12 - Django! (Razzi)
  • March 19 - Django! (Razzi)
  • March 26 - Reinforcement Learning and Visualizations (Nick)
  • April 2 -


  • March 1st - Steganography (Chip - knows Lady Red)
  • March 8th - Python + LEDs! (Lady Red)
  • March 15th - MicroPython (X)
  • March 22nd - ___ (fill in)
  • March 29th -

Things postponed for next meeting[edit]

Actions for next week[edit]

  1. Subscribe noisebridge-announce to the meetup email broadcast??
  2. we need an auto event every thursday
  3. Find a few more potential instructors for next month
  4. Add the email template to the repo instructors folder
  5. Add the announcement checklist to the instructors folder
  6. Add a markdown file to instructors folder with both templates and instructions for how to use them.
  7. Add a markdown file for how to run/start your class - specifically donations for nb, who hasn't had a tour, brief info about nb (harassment pol. etc).