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This is a list of questions we may want to ask about any space we want to inhabit (No Starch or otherwise). The answers to these questions will affect what kinds of projects we have to undertake for rennovation.

  • Inspection

Pre-inspection (do now) : Have someone go through and give us a list of what is or is not up to snuff in the current space. This includes building code and also any other issues we can think of. We then have a place to start with rennovations that must be done. It is probably worth having a professional do this, unless people here happen to have experience in the area. For No Starch space, find out from Bill what inspections are planned and results.

Post-inspection : After our rennovations, have someone go through and check that they're done. Save trouble later.

  • Electrical system
   - What kind of load can the space support?
   - Fire hazards due to old wiring?
   - Does any part of the electrical system need to be replaced?

Someone else previously mentioned cooling and A/C, especially after people start leaving boxes at the space. My guess is that we are going to stress this fairly hard, between electronics experiments, laptops, and the eventual refrigerator.

  • Lead paint
  • Lead pipes
  • Fire suppression

Do we need to put in sprinklers or more? If we keep paints, paint thinner, etc. in the space this is more pressing than otherwise. May still need to plan for electrical fires.

  • Insulation - asbestos? is there any insulation now?
  • Ventilation for paints / darkroom
  • Contractors
   - If there are pieces we don't want to do ourselves, need to find and qualify contractors.