Quiet Diet

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Looking toward Mission street. Quiet rooms on the left.

Project Name[edit]

Quiet Diet


Jarrod Hicks


Noisebridge could use a place where silence is maintained during busy hours. New quiet work rooms in the south west corner of the Noisebridge space; the current location of the Hackershelves. Individual room names TBD.

What Will Be Done[edit]

Please see the drawings for further clarification.

File:Noisebridge - Sheet - A505 - Quiet Diet.pdf

If the hackershelves can be moved. Build two enclosed quiet rooms with doors and windows for light. Frame out walls with 2x4s and connect 2x8 ceiling joists from top plate to existing south wall frame. Finish with sound proofing and sheet rock. Leave openings for non lockable doors and windows, these can possibly be reused from other projects in the space. If windows and doors that offer greater sound proofing can be sourced, even better.

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect[edit]

Southwest corner of Noisebridge

Who Will Be Doing It[edit]

Jarrod Hicks, and anyone I can convince to help.

Why This Will Be Good[edit]

We create a place where loud activities and busy times in the space don't interrupt hackers that need a low noise environment to work and meet with collaborators. (One of the rooms could be non-reservable). This may also allow more separation between hackers that prefer music while working and those that don't. Increasing the options for places to hack within Noisebridge. The larger of the rooms will also be a good place for the optical instruments.

The rational for this project is further described in the diagrams below

File:Noisebridge - Sheet - A001 - Volume Diagrams.pdf

Why This Will Be Bad[edit]

The materials for the room will not be cheap. People trying to live in the rooms may be an issue.

How Long Will It Take[edit]

This project would likely take place at towards the end of the ReBase project.

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like[edit]

Money for materials: Framing,decking , hardware, soundproofing, electrical wiring, lighting, possibly doors/windows.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With[edit]

Dependent on HACKERSHELF HEALTH moving the Hackershelves. Required for a storage loft above the room.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict[edit]