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Hi Rayc, I'll send you code when I have a chance but I don't think it will be super useful for you. I can outline the basics on how to make use of that machine though.

1) there's some sort of very specific output port. Maybe if the gods are good to you, you could find a connector for it, but you could also just use analog pins. If you also have the cap / electrodes / misc hardware that was in the eeg zone, there were some pins that fit.

2) So, you can connect to an Arduino or anything else that will do analog to digital conversion with some simple logic. The hard part is that the analog signal will be both negative and positive voltages. If your microprocessor can handle that, you're golden. Otherwise enjoy sorting out some sort of signal shift.

Welcome: To the Noiseapp patch!
0: User - Can Identify as a member if choices to do so. - Should not need an email address to create an account. - Can use an ID Number instead each time to log in.
1: Ticket / Request Tracker

Under the requests tracking page, they should show up as teasers - with the title and subject... Reddit style. - Prioritization of Tickets. - Ticket States. - Ownership taken. - Collapsible comment stye responses. - The ability to sort projects based on location. Let people record an active project that is left out in a certain area if they take a break from it.

2: Project Tracker - Project states - Community communication

3. Streetview style slideshow

4: Forums

5: BBS

6: Chat - Google hangouts - IRC -Insite /inapp chatting.

7: Gallery - Allow the uploading of photos of projects while in progress via mobile devices.

8: How Tos: Best Practices

9: Share Your Knowledge

10: Members Mentoring - A meeting place where members can and non-members can sign up to meet at Noisebridge to chat about what ever.

11. Calendar: events. Occurring and recurring


1. Drop Down Projector Screen a. Fix Motor Controller (possible Arduino or Pi hack... Motors are AC) b. Move mounting hardware inline or behind the light fixture ~ 3 feet back. c. Make the the DDP cross hanger flush with the ceiling (or as close as possible / remove excess chain links)

Patching and Wall Work

2. HAX'O'TORIUM a. Patch the gap above the main table.

3. YE OLD SERVER ROOM: a. Sheet rock the openings on the very top. b. Mudd - Sand - Prime - Paint.

4. HELLOVATOR ROOM WALL a. Sand. b. Prime. c. Paint.

5.OUTER CLASS ROOM WALL a. Remove old, green, room, hanging studs. b. Sand. c. Prime. d. Paint.

6. DARK ROOM WALL: a. Sheetrock exposed wood. b. Fill in the two holes. b. Mud 6.a. & 6.b. c. Prime 6.a. & 6.b. d. Paint 6.a. & 6.b. e. 7. DJ BOOTH WALL: a. Remove SEM, mounting, hardware. b. Patch holes. c. Sand. d. Prime. e. Paint.

8. CLASSROOM CROSS WALLS: a. Sheet rock openings. b. Mud. c. Prime. d. Paint.

9. GREETING AREA51z a. Decommission old conduit run. b. Patch opening. c. Sand. d. prime. e. Paint black