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Rebase meeting 2013-06-25


  • leif
  • dan
  • greg
  • alex
  • v
  • scott
  • mik
  • monad
  • naomi
  • akita
  • martin
  • JC
  • jarrod
  • james
  • link
  • justin
  • cynthia
  • dana
  • mct

new proposals[edit]

  • v: this proposal is very modest, we need more coatracks.
  • scott: has a lot of power tools, wants to donate, but doesn't want them to disappear. wants to build lockers.
  • mik: tiered access, people should be vouched for before they can use the space for more than two hours
  • monad: identify what is hackable, what isn't
  • james: internet cafe terminal kinda thing. e.g. 2x3 grid of terminals. idea posted online.
  • JC: can we try and focus on physical access stuff this week?
  • jarrod: Clean Machine. cleaning sprint? or gradual reduction of mess impact coupled w/ spot cleaning efforts (e.g. CAD/CAM, sewing, etc).
  • jarrod: related to cleaning -- The Hack Shelves... define a process for excoriating cruft
    • leif: you don't need consensus to DO stuff. you need consensus to (say) define span of time in which only ppl working on these things can be here.
  • james: Dub Rack. falls into the "something nice in the space" category (implying questions of how to protect/maintain).
  • monad: "Limit" to what ppl bring in. Everything ppl bring in to leave here needs to have a DATE on it.
    • JC: have an "intake" process (so that we can more easily process, get rid of cruft, etc).


  • mik: the rabble thinks NB is a place to come hang out. Ppl get buzzed in w/o being greeted, enculturated, etc.
  • JC: if you buzz someone in, you should greet them at the door.
  • leif: NB is not going to be amenable to NOT being open to the public.
  • v: people need to be introduced to the
  • martin: we sure do talk about this a lot.
  • naomi: post a list of procedures next to the buzzer! (ACTION ITEM)
  • JC: how do we make MORE USE of the space?
  • justin: how about a kiosk that is ONLY for greeting people at the door?
  • james: that's similar to my Proposal.
  • naomi: this is a hackerspace... single purpose computers tend not to stay that way.
  • cynthia: use of pesticides in the kitchen is a problem. diatomaceous earth?

CONCERNS ABOUT ACCESS v: PPL who hack the things that we need. mik: The Occupiers, The Homeless People, ppl who treat this place as a shelter.

  • JC: the Red Shirt project seems to help a lot.

james: keep accessibility for ppl from all walks of life. mischief: (response to v): public terminals leif: I'm concerned about ppl being here to make others feel uncomfortable. Reminds us that everyone's empowered to ask ppl to leave. The check on that awesome power is allowing those ppl to come to meetings to discuss.


general candid discussion of comfort level (or lack thereof) in Noisebridge.

  • scott: Woodshop! Control access to "toys".
    • leif: How would you distribute access? (If it's too restrictive, you're just keeping your stuff at NB.)
    • scott: open to suggestions.
  • mik: despair "6 and a half days after printer was set up with Do Not Hack, the table was gone!"
  • monad: we need to try SOMETHING!
  • naomi: let's keep the perspective of increasing friction to things getting hacked, not "preventing" thefts/hacking/etc
  • JC: safety concerns go hand in hand with access controls. Scott strongly concurs.
  • leif: TechShop has an awesome waiver. If you want to work in a place like that, go there.
  • mik: ppl use "do ocracy" as an excuse not an obligation.
  • JC: maybe ppl who use NB *can* have nice things!
  • naomi: ppl who are members and have time and energy to invest should realize they have an advantage over ppl who hack opportunistically. you can plan protection/access control into your project.


Let's DO things!

  • JC: welcome desk.
  • naomi: SIGNAGE. And, take down crufty materials that compete for people's attention.
  • dana: improving the buzzer! an LED board you can program from IRC (for example).


  • Monad has a TRAILER that will allow movement of trash, which we are already inundated with (and will have more of as we Rebase).
  • james: Get rid of old furniture.
  • JC: move the *lounge* up to the front.
  • dana: make a list of equipment we can fix (on the wiki on TuneUp)
  • JC: wants to go through electronics bench. COLORED STICKERS for triage:
  green = Working
  yellow = Can Be Fixed
  red = Junk

bonus round[edit]

  • mct: rip out the kitchen!?
    • james: what if the kitchen was cleaned out on a regular basis (bleached, etc)... hire someone?

next week's theme: THE KITCHEN[edit]