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rebase notes 07/02/2013 Tonight the Kitchen.


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New Proposals[edit]

Cynthia - limited kitchen use. using an access list.

Ryan - security concerns: allowing for isolated security here and there. optional security areas. 1. a reserved closet, monitored by CCTV. people could keep items in a more secure location. 2. Website: news articles, Google calendar is not used much. also the wiki does not scale up. A python API to allow access to a Google calendar on the wiki would allow people to access the information for everybody. 3. make an iPhone app: about door security. prototype allows sms text confirmations with increased privilege with increased confirmations. You could open the gate viz phone number id (can be applied to anything). basically a confirmation procedure for the door code.

Danny - Front Space: revisiting a touch screen display for the front space. Memory LCDs. Something fairly low power and that can be extended into a larger array and network. A display that shows what is going on right now. Note: one of the concerns about privacy is not logging in someone, but there is actually plenty of information that we give up to identify us in the space. Perhaps we can start showing people what we "know" about them to get them interested in protecting themselves.

Mark - clean up the tool room and build a spray booth if approved. Somewhere.

Monad - I think we need to focus on less general ideas. Let's find something that we CAN do and get going with that one thing. Any small part is already a big project in itself. (Ramon describes the meeting procedure)

Robert - let's replace the computers with raspberry pis (others agree)

Mik - Will they work in concrete? to prevent theft (others consider this and believe it will work)

Danny - small amount of money to put forward toward these projects so including a rough budget with the proposal will help.

Jake - why do we need terminals? (some consider them unnecessary)

Danny - we have been undeserving the hardware hackers

Jake - (elaborates on the undeserving of the hardware hackers, and the perceptions of laptop users)

Mik - two days after the hacker alley cleaning it was a mess we need a culture of asking people to clean up.

Jake - it can be uncomfortable to confront people regarding their messes. Speed Freaks.

Danny - (requests clarification)

Jake - different types of looking

Mik - entropy grows after events where people that don't know that cleaning up is part of excellent behavior.

we need to find a comfort level


Ben - RMRF

Cynthia - voluntary kitchen coordinator with an access list based on behavior. Can ask to leave the kitchen.

Arianna - community kitchens: you should just use disposable goods. Have a signup for providing them.

Danny - what is rmrf?

Ben - I like the idea of reducing the kitchen to minimal functionality. Too tempting to use it as a food provider. Providing a full kitchen is providing a living space. This would involve, removing the fridge, no food storage. Removal of the 3 compartment sink. setting up a coffee stand/tea with glasses. no plates no dishes. We could add another soldering area.

Ryan - humans are not programmed to have lots of communal possessions. Need accountability. We can reduce functionality or track use. Do you want a functional kitchen with accountability or no kitchen and no accountability

Ben - the idea of having a kitchen was not part of the original plan. It used to be a small event kitchen not a general use kitchen.

Danny - NB is a particular experiment. We often try to avoid the obvious solution. The kitchen actually does pretty well. Getting rid of the kitchen is not a expression of defeat it is addressing a problem of the usage of the space.

Ben - it is not what I want to see NB doing

James - Proposal concept: Douglas brought up Station 40 (describes station 40) Only racks for storage and

drying. Purged themselves of their serious insect problem. If we do keep the kitchen, we can remove everything and rebuild it and make it easier to clean. Station 40's kitchen works well and has heavy use.

Mik - diatomatious earth is being put down to deal with the bugs and someone is cleaning it up. I would like to see all the storage removed. Several good reasons to remove it. Bugs, Sanitation. I am considering doacratically removing everything stored in the kitchen.

Robert - Office Kitchenette is how it should be Small sink and maybe a microwave. When can bring in equipment for special events.

Dana - I am in favor of a multi-pronged approach. We need to seek out those that do food hacking. (Statement by

Maggie read, previously sent to the list. <INSERT)

Cynthia - diatomatious earth. I have been spreading it, I understand that it is food grade. Typically kills insects in a few days. Cheap and stores well.

Ben - I think the idea of an open shelving system, portable appliances, and no storage/dishes.

Ryan - inset problem: leave out an open bottle of rum (concerns over this). In terms of the open shelving, everything is a drip dry rack.

Danny - Concerned about the vegan hackers voice. There seems to be a fairly strong compromise position here. If Ben and Maggie worked on a proposal together it would probably be fairly strong. I am not so certain that portable appliances are going to be put away.

Ben - we could build a culture of you should put that away when you are done.

Bryan - Perhaps the stove could be lockable.

Ryan - impossible to change the culture against bringing food in, put possibly easier to throw food out.

Robert - Yes let's replace the fridge with liquid nitrogen, how about a mini fridge. for a few hours. With food disposal. Having an easier layout for food disposal and easier cleaning should be addressed further.

Dana - coffee roaster install to make the back area more awesome. People are going to bring stuff no matter what.

Cynthia - Art people use the sinks, painters silkscreeners, consider them.

Mik - I will throw out the food stored in the kitchen every Monday and Thursday.

Danny - perhaps we could use the area behind the kitchen, the sinks are not well secured, not level.

James - Few thoughts 1. Fridge having a refrigerator of any size allows for half and half and creamers. 2. went to Sudoroom. Sink for only project use, no dishes only art and projects then also a minor kitchen sink. 3. The room behind the kitchen. If we tear out the kitchen we could also tear out the room behind it. and use that huge space. 4. Hire a maid to clean the kitchen twice a week. 5. I encourage that we set a goal to decide on a kitchen proposal. It would be nice to decide on when things will happen.

Robert - We should get rid of the center counter

Ramon - Seems like there are a lot of ideas.

Ryan - This is the meeting about the kitchen. It seems like there is a consensus towards removing/reducing storage, and having no food storage.

Ben - I have stainless steel racks and tables to donate. (general appreciation)

Martin - concerned about big things being done. and things get moved around and left in the way.

james - no one disagreed with replacing static things with portable things. and removing the cabinetry.

Ryan - I am available on Friday to help and help with doing something.

Mik - I will make a note that I am removing the food.

Cynthina - are we talking about removing all the cabinets. what about just removing the doors? I am concerned that they will not be rebuilt.

Ben - I have shelves to bring in. say July 12th.

Cynthina - what about the concept of having a plan drawn? Also, Things are showing up more than they are leaving.

James - the things that are in the shelves should be removed, claimed, or tossed.

Danny - Repeat martin. I am concerned about us launching into these projects and leaving it half done. Let's make sure we have a plan to finish, and that we address bigger projects that can happen when we shutdown. Examples removing/changing the sinks. What is the temporary position that we will be in during these changes.

Ramon - do we have a plan of action.

Monad - we have shelves in the shop that we can use.

Danny - we need to involve kitchen hackers in this plan. NB projects often run into problems during the project because it turns out not be be what everyone was thinking.

Jarrod - Johny Radio would like to see the meeting moved to another time. After 19:30 on a weeknight that is not Friday.

James - This is already a well attended meeting. Probably the most well attended new meeting at NB. People can submit proposals online and have someone

Ryan - Momentum is important. Perhaps removing the doors at least is a good idea.

James - I think all the things that the insects are in should be condensed and everything else cleaned. I will send and announcement and start the cleaning on Saturday (Ramon offers to help)

Ramon - This is my first time moderating. As far as putting together a plan of action, is not something I have down. There were point of agreement between the Vegan hackers and those present.

Jarrod - at the end of the meeting we typically determine a theme for the next meeting. I suggest that we take the ideas proposed and bring a developed proposal to the next meeting; a project with drawings scheduling.

Ramon - it would be good to develop a list of the range of the different ideas that people have and create and organized way of moving through these ideas. Instead of general discussion of people agreeing and disagreeing. Perhaps problem/solution is a good way to evaluate the ideas.

James - a coffee and tea bar at the entrance.