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Welcome and Introductions

  • Attendees - Cynthia, Madi, Jon, Steve, Carl, Daniella, Jarrod, Danny, Robert, Dana, Maggie.

New Proposals

  • Danella - weekly cleaning
  • Cynthia - No chemical pesticide use (Moved to NBWM - JH)
  • Jon - create better more visible documentation for vinyl and laser cutters, and better signage in general
  • Madi - Looking for people who want to help with street performances

Complaint from Cynthia regarding the kitchen demo beginning. Jarrod notes that the kitchen demo is do-ocratic, but suggests that the group to be more considerate. Whether this is agreed to by the other attendees is not clear. Danny reminds us that Noisebridge remains a do-ocracy.

Topic Discussion

  • (Old Business)
    • Kitchen Mission Jarrod proposes plan, based on previous discussions. Danilla offers to clean the refrigerator every Wednesday. Cynthia is opposed to the single sink; that it would limit space for events. Madi suggests a food prep station, making everything stainless steel, and leaving the refrigerator. Somebody suggests we hire a cleaning person, and that the kitchen should not be used for making three meals a day. Maggie mentions that the existing kitchen does not work for large events as it is currently arranged. 80% of attendees agree that the current proposal needs to keep the 3 compartment sink and have a refrigerator of some sort. Everything else appears acceptable. Jarrod agrees to develop this.
  • (New Business)
    • Danella - Restates weekly cleaning proposal, and builds on it with a kitchen cleaning day proposal to be held on 07/10/2013. Others agree to attend.

General Discussion

  • (Old Business)
    • time runs out
  • (New Business)
    • time runs out