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07/23/2013 Everyone knows each other, introductions skipped. James wants to install wire racks. He and Douglas looked at the rack setup at Station 40 and have priced the same equipment for Noisebridge. He and Douglas will install them in place of the racks that were previously installed. Douglas: a solution for storing/hanging the pots and pans is still in the works. The first phase of the kitchen demo is going to proceed on thursday at 07:00. I will still leave a working kitchen, just a cleaner one. Most of the attendees are find with this as a do-ocratic project. Cynthia is unhappy with this.

Regarding the Meeting theme of Vision, Community Standards, and Excellence.

James: First Proposal

James: people come here and then they don't come back. They are unsafe in the space. Other hacker spaces have had sucess in providing a commitment to creating a safe space for hacking. That hackers can work in.

Dana: In a sense, Noisebridge has outgrown "the one rule". The common understanding of "Be excellent to each other" is no longer common.

James: NB buys Ideology over Safety vs. Sudoroom, for example, that puts the safety of hackers ahead of ideology. At NB the word 'safety' only shows up in the bylaws. This should be part of the space. It makes sense to have something about safety in the vision and community standards.

Monad: Access without Safety and Sanitation is NO access.

James: I am talking here about creating a consensus to change the vision of NB.

Dana: Send a message that we value safety and put it into our vision.

James: I want the Vision, Bylaws, and Commuity Standards page to be re-assessed and re-written for THIS space. The curren page does not even related to this space. I am proposing a re-write that we would present for consensus.

James: Please read the Vision, Community Standards, and ByLaws for the next meeting.

James: Second Proposal

Offer some sort of fellowship for people doing projects related to NB. It would only be available when extra funds are available. People could propose and obtain funds to acomplish their projects. An Example, there is a group in the east bay that we could invite into noisebridge to learn to work on Arduinos. A project could be for a person to develop curriculum, schedule a time, order parts/arduinos, and teach the kids. The materials could be purchased by the fellowship and the kids would keep the projects/arduinos. This fellowship would be for projects in line with the mission to foster the proliferation and use of open source software and hardware. I want to have this discussion, and develop this proposal.