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Attendees are known to each other, Intorductions skipped.


James: Kitchen demo happened. Wire racks are up. Phase two is in progress.

James: There is some wire rack material that I found above the kitchen that could be used for the kitchen.

Jarrod: Apologies for the delay in getting the stove cart done.


James: Hooks for hanging pots and pans.

Cynthia: once the amount of storage is complete and more fixed we can go through the kitchen items and determine how much of each we need.

James: At this time, we should really make an effort to use the diatomatatious earth to eradicate the bugs/pests.

Theme Discussion:

Old Business:

Dan: I appreciate what was done to the kitchen and stepped in to help on the mailing list.

Cynthia: we should look into things (tools, activities, chemicals) that we should ban or at least discourage in the kitchen area.

Monad: Is there a way that we can control the extent and growth of the kitchen once it is complete?

James: much of the growth is related to coffee and tea storage an equipment. Creating a better solution for coffee and tea would start to improve the kitchen.

Monad: perhaps a wire rack on wheels with a counter top. Like the one up in the loft.

James: let's use that to start the coffee cart. Add on to it.

James: also it should have proper 'decoration' The station should reflect the hacker space, and hackers should be encouraged to make it cooler. Dan: coffee equipment tends to get abused here. Perhaps the docents could check on it from time to time.

New Business: None on theme, move to off-theme business. New Proposals:


Dan: An update and improvement the the task and accent lighting at NB. Addressible LED and CFL lighting. Crowdfunded to cover material costs. I have done this sort of project sucessfully before. Bonus woud be to power it with renewable energy sources.

James: Jim Stockford did electrical work here, he may be of help.

Cynthia: I will get you the contact information for another electrical engineer that comes to NB. Jarrod: I will help with drafting and documentation. We could find other energy projects being developed in the Hacker community that we could implement here.


James: NB needs to have a big collaborative project with another hackerspace. NB needs to branch out and encourage and support multi-hackerspace projects.

Dan: an example is the 'Portal' project between hackerspaces that connects them 24hrs a day in realtime.

James: Still, at least to start, we need something cheap and feasible. Rebase could look for and find a suitable project. In fact, what about building a portal to sudoroom?

Dan: we should build this, and link our communities.

Final Thoughts:

Monad: We need to raise funds for these projects.

Dan: I will look into setting up some meetings regarding the portal.

Jarrod: I will update Dan's lighting proposal with additional documetation. Then we can work out scope, scheduling, and phasing.