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Note: This page is about an event that has already happened. It took place on 2014. | Edit

The Great Noisebridge Reboot of 2014[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge reboot logo hicks.png
Help donate toward our reboot!

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Electrical refit
  • Replace member shelves with lockable cubes (get both large and small sizes)
  • Refinish the floors (a single poly coat would do nicely)
  • Call in Pest Control -- I just had some good experience with The Hitmen (Mitch)
  • Spread ethernet wiring across the space more adequately and contain cabling in proper conduit
  • replace light fixtures - see ben kochie's email about PG&E rebate and efficient fixtures
  • repair and renew A/V infrastructure for classrooms and main area
  • anything considered infrastructure should be BOLTED IN. movable infrastructure should have its own lockers.
  • reduce number of places people can hide themselves and their things (DJ booth is a major one).

See Also[edit | edit source]

General Timeline[edit | edit source]

Mid-June[edit | edit source]

  • Write to Members and nb-discuss letting people know that the Member Shelves will be dismantled (come claim your stuff, etc)
  • Groups of people should plan to meet to do some heavy lifting, sweeping, and cleaning in late June.
  • Groups of people should get together and plan chunks of future work
  • Schedule a Survey Inspection Let the electricians schedule a Survey inspection (projected: July 8th)
  • Source ethernet ceiling cages. [We have about 30m of wide tray. More would be nice. --Nthmost (talk) 22:44, 24 June 2014 (UTC)]
  • Make sure we have enough CAT5e to cover the space adequately.

Late June[edit | edit source]

  • SIGNAGE -- put up signs all over the space letting people know what's up (see below section "signage")
  • Start removing as much e-waste and broken equipment as possible to make way for electricians' Red Flag work.
  • Install gate(s) on elevator.
  • Install lock on top door (RFID is "nice to have" but a padlock would do.)
  • Install lock on fire-escape sliding-door -- needs to open easily and legally from the inside
  • Soft close on the 22nd/23rd, secure the space
  • Solidify interim access policy, come up with plan for implementation at ingress points
  • Start planning the Grand Reopening Party for August 15th (a Friday).
  • Remove all food from the space, even non-perishable items.

Early July[edit | edit source]

  • Remove as much valuable equipment as possible (or organize into manageable piles) [could remove TO: paid storage container, a trusted person's basement...]
  • Tear out the DJ booth, reclaim that space for Church classroom.
  • Deep-clean to get rid of grime (especially in kitchen and bathrooms). Call in Pest Control.
  • Clear the floors as completely as possible to make way for floor refinishing.
  • Refinish the floors.
  • Ongoing electrical refit work supervised by Neil and Tim.

Mid-July[edit | edit source]

  • Locate lockers. Coordinate to pick them up and transport them to the space. (rough ETA: June 15th, after floor work is done)
  • Build network gear and wiring. Install ethernet through ceiling cages (1x length of space and 2x width of space). Probably weekend of July 26th
  • Agree on long-term access control policy

Late July[edit | edit source]

  • rebuild the space as desired -- e.g. Jarrod suggests moving the library closer to the front windows (Cool thing: Use lockers as method of keeping space surrounding lockers more clear.)
  • paint - Jim suggests using oil-based / non-water-based paint.

Early August[edit | edit source]

  • Soft open on the 1st.
  • Continue fixing up things that fell through in July.

Mid-August[edit | edit source]

  • Grand opening & party on the 15th

Teams[edit | edit source]

We've decided to use some kind of loose RACI model to organize teams. The roles are, roughly

  • Responsible - The person Responsible for ensuring that the team completes its objective. Plans times, organizes meetings, nags, nags, nags. This should generally be one person. This person has a key.
  • Assists or Accountable - One or more people accountable for task completion. These may or may not include the Responsible person. The Responsible person should add people here, for informational purposes, as teams coalesce.
  • Consulted - People who should be involved in major decisions, but are not part of the effort. For example, this might include Mitch for the circuit hacking benches - he's traveling, but should be a part of the work.

What should I do if I want to help? Add your name to the Volunteer List and subscribe to the Build list. Volunteer for specific teams as requests go out, and the Responsible person will add you. If you want to be a Responsible person, contact the Build list.

Group Responsible Accountable Consulted
The Whole Project Naomi
Electrical The Electricians Jarrod
Flooring Jim Naomi
Layout Daravinne
Access Control Casey
Purge David Fine
Hazard Hiding and Rehoming Shannon
Paint Cory
A/V Daravinne
Electronics Lab
Kitchen Evolution Jean-Jacques
Networking Casey
Shop Jarrod
Class-A-Thon Jeffrey

Signage[edit | edit source]

  • detour signs with directions on how to get to sudoroom
  • detour signs with directions on how to get to Freespace
  • For the Kitchen: FOOD MUST BE REMOVED BY JULY 1st. on July 1st, all remaining food will be thrown out.
  • How are we making signs? vinyl cutter? print and laminate? laser cut?

Flooring[edit | edit source]

from jim:

  • mop
  • dig out anything loose but stuck in cracks
  • get a floor sander and sand the floor
  • vacuum the floor
  • use rollers and/or brushes to apply an undercoat to the floor
  • use appropriate filler to fill any holes or cracks in the floor
  • sand the filler after it dries
  • brush on undercoat to the areas with filler
  • use rollers and/or brushes to apply a top coat to the floor
  • maybe roll or brush on one or two more top coats

Access Control[edit | edit source]

  • talk to casey and others about how the existing system works and write it down somewhere
  • design up a much simpler method of running video, data down to the ground floor - likely via some conduit
  • build a couple of arduino based replacements to control an access panel + LCD display; likely speak over RS485 (cable distance; no need to use ethernet for this)
  • .. and place the designs + source code public online on github
  • for the elevator - it's likely more of a space issue than an elevator-security issue.
  • .. ie, the elevator itself shouldn't be modified; the entry doors(s) after the staircase+elevator need securing.
  • i have heard mumblings at points about what if we remove the foyer thingy by the elevator entirely and replace it with a gate type thing

During Cleanup[edit | edit source]

  • Main door
  • Elevator
  • Emergency path(s) (but be careful!)
  • roof entry
  • .. what else?

Shop[edit | edit source]

Here is the initial plan for the shop repairs and re install during the reboot

File:Noisebridge Reboot2014 - Sheet - A500 - Shop Reboot.pdf

Library[edit | edit source]

Here is an idea for the rebuild of the library. Who wants to take this on?

File:Noisebridge Reboot2014 Library SchematicDesign.pdf

Volunteers[edit | edit source]

Note: we are still collecting volunteers and asking for more contact information over on The Reboot Volunteer Sheet:

We'll move names over to this wiki page once in a while. Do-ocratically keeping these two pages in sync (considering the riseup pad "more recent") is considered Excellent.

Do NOT, however, put email addresses on this page.

General[edit | edit source]

Signage[edit | edit source]

Flooring[edit | edit source]

Carpentry[edit | edit source]

  • Chuck

Cleaning[edit | edit source]

  • Gerald de la Cruz / gdelacruz

Access Control[edit | edit source]

Elevator[edit | edit source]

Front Door[edit | edit source]

Transportation[edit | edit source]

  • Monad
  • Matt / piratematt
  • Drew

Party![edit | edit source]

Kitchen[edit | edit source]

Networking[edit | edit source]

Painting[edit | edit source]

  • Cory

Shop[edit | edit source]