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The RedBook is an archive of the summary reports of the [Redshirts] mailing list.

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July 2013[edit]

Tuesday, July 2nd[edit]

[Low? Lo? was asked to leave]

Low (had been at the last weeks meeting because DanF had asked him to
leave previously), said some heated things to Martin, was angry about
accusations of being a "creeper." Jake calmly asked him if he wanted to
take it to the meeting.  At first Lo agreed, then got upset, said we (NB)
were a bunch of asses and threatened to "report our space to the cops" or
something like that. Several folks approached, asked him to leave and
Danny offered to talk with him outside. Low left on his own.

[A fire alarm went off]

We're still not sure where, the second floor of our building or a
neighbouring one. It stopped eventually.

[Failing UPS in the server rack was beeping incessantly for a while]

This also stopped on its own.

[A minor dog fight]

A minor dog confrontation happened, Monad caught it quickly, asked the dog
owner not to bring that animal back.

[Pirate mike]

Was asked to leave via the meeting, J.C. coordinated with him to collect
and remove his projects from the space.

A busy night with the Rebase and meeting, a lot of people hacking in the
space! Overall  I think people were pretty receptive to the
docent/greeting area.

Monday, July 1st[edit]

[Pirate Mike]
Mike came buy to sort out logistics and check on projects, I discussed the
current status of him being asked to leave and only to return to a meeting
once giving notice to the list. I offered to relay such notice to the list
on his behalf and he intends to attend the meeting tomorrow. He has a bike
on the rack and two projects in the dirty shop.

[Hackatorium Disarray]
The group running circuit hacking monday informed me when they arrived
there was a lot of unidentified gear sitting on the tables, most of which
they moved into the e-waste bin, I extracted a decent looking speaker and
put it in the hacker alley.

[Ronnie (sp?)]
Around 11p someone rang the buzzer, I answered "Hello", and asked if they
were here to hack. I was then told, "Open the fucking gate, let me in",
this struck me as not excellent. A couple of other people tried speaking
with the person, and were basically told the same. No one present chose to
buzz them in, and the buzzer was temporarily flipped off. They chose not to
leave, and several people started queuing up upstairs waiting to leave. I
went down to talk with them at the gate in person, and was basically told
how noisebridge works, and that this was bullshit, and that because I am a
straight white man, I am elitist and noisebridge has been ruined. Before
being able to engage in an excellent conversation, sans [drama] flag, alex
decided to let them in, at which point I said "hi, welcome to noisebridge"
and requested that if they felt this sucked, they should file a complaint
against me via nb-discuss with suggestions.

[Laser cutter]
Jake fixed the laser cutter.

I collected $XXX dollars from the donation boxes, this seems like something
that could be part of concluding a shift, and would help to identify
process for handing off cash to treasurer, I expect I'll be able to
facilitate that tomorrow.

I left a large menacing cat atop the electronics bench in an attempt to
scare away mice.

I left a shit load of personal belongings in the bathroom, which were
promptly returned to me.

[MC Hawkings]
Was loaded into the back of a pick up truck bound for sudo room.

June 2013[edit]