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Resident Electronic Monthly Noisebridge.gif
Resident Electronic Music! is a recurring electronic music open mic every fourth Thursday of the month at Noisebridge.


The 4th Thursday of November is a holiday. We will not have an event then. There will be no resident in November.

We'll have an extended Resident on Sunday December 10th from 7 - 10pm. Setup starts at 6pm.

There will also be no Resident on the 4th Thursday of December.

Do you make electronic music you'd like to perform? We want you!! First time performers welcome! Just make sure it's *your* music!

Sets are 20 min or less. Yes, 2 minutes is fine too.

Do you do visuals? We want you!!

The event is free, and donation is suggested! Donate online here or at the donation box in the space. Noisebridge is kept alive by the community, that means you. There are also lots of other ways to get involved start here or browse on the left!

Come and take pictures and videos of the artists, and help them build their portfolio!

Audio sign up, sign up likely to fill up before Dec 1 so SIGN UP NOW: audio or audio/video

Video only: video only sign up

Past Shows[edit]

oct 2023[edit]


september 2023[edit]



august 2023[edit]


see it here


june 22[edit]

watch here


Apr 27 2023[edit]

audio-visual archive

March 23, 2023[edit]


Feb 23rd, 2023[edit]

Jan 26th, 2023[edit]


Dec 22nd, 2022[edit]

Nov 3rd[edit]

Sept 22nd[edit]

August 25th[edit]

July 28th[edit]

June 9,[edit]

May 10, Inaugural Noisebridge Show[edit]


Monthly electronic music performances.

  • up to 20m performances, electronic music, your music, your performance, all genres.
  • up to 6 audio artists performing
  • Video artists are welcome too

Once a month! Next is Jun 9 Thursday!

8-10:30pm. Setup for performers starts at 7pm.

Hosted by Colleen & Franck.

Volunteer based event. Streamed to YouTube.


Also part of the Left Coast Lights(LCL) electronic music community:

Typical in-person show pre-covid19:

Equipment during the show:

  • QSC K8.2 speakers on stands,
  • k-mix mixer

Equipment each audio artist must bring:

  • your music instrument(s),
  • 2 x 6feet minimum TRS(TS is ok) cables to connect to the mixer
  • Power cords and power strips to connect to the main power strip

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