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Currently this page is being used to organize the build out and creation of the dark room. Eventually it'll be used to talk about happenings in the dark room.


The darkroom is under construction at 2169. It is located on the east side in between the emergency exit and the bathrooms. This room may also be used for silk screening.


Sort of in order of what needs to be done.

  • Build walls
  • Paint exterior
  • Paint interior
  • Electrical
    • Run conduit and boxes
    • Lighting
    • Wire
  • Plumbing
    • Run pipes under floors
    • Hook up sink
  • Ventilation
    • Setup fan above room
    • Vent out to bathroom or skylight
  • Ceiling
  • Door
    • Door door
    • Light tight curtain or maze
  • Shelving and tables



These are currently pledged funds.

  • $50 - Andy
  • $50 - Rubin
  • $100 - dpc
  • $50 - Joachim
  • $50 - Dan Garcia
  • $24 - Mitch
  • $75 - Kelly


  • Enlarger
  • Timer
  • A butt load of chemicals
  • A deep sink
  • Light tight drums
  • Enlarger - Audrey
  • Color enlarger - Dan Garcia
  • Easel (11x14) - MarkC
  • Timer (Digital) - MarkC
  • Grain Focuser - MarkC
  • Film chemicals (hc-110, tmax) -MarkC


Once the space is set up, I will teach classes on film development, printing, and general darkroom use. I will also be available to help out on a one-on-one basis with anyone who would like to learn.

Expressions of Interest

please add your name here if you're interested in attending a workshop.